Thanks a lot JB!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ArcticChibi, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. I just gotta say thanks to JB and all of Theory11 for fixing the discount thing. I love t11 :D
  2. Oh crap...i am in a dilemma.

    shinobi control or popout??? T.T
  3. I think shinobi would be a good choice. If done correctly, it looks awesome
  4. i guess so...but's hard to compare between them.

    XD but just glad that JB has made it all well...
  5. Yes, glad that it was worked out so quickly. Thanks.
  6. Thanks

    Thanks for the fix up. I hope you banned all those mix ups! I Purchased the be kind change.
  7. Theory11,

    Thank you =D
  8. This was definitely the perfect ending, to a perfect day. Thank you JB!
  9. I love you.
  10. I feel like I created an awkward silence. My bad.
  11. yes thank you best thing a website has ever done for me! :p~

    keep the peace, love, and happiness going!!
  12. Haha I learned a lot from the magicians here and amazed many of my friends.

    I got the VCR change :D
  13. Thanks so much !
  14. Thank you!

    Thanks for working so long to fix the code. I used it on shinobi control and couldn't be happier.


  15. Thank you to all of the theory11 staff.
  16. Ye, thank you a lot JB and other T11 staff
  17. Thanks T11. I ordered Schwing. Handling is a little much though. Oh well.
  18. Yes, many thanks T11. :D

  19. JB handled this very professionally and as quickly as possible. He could have just said, "Forget it ruined it." But instead he went above and beyond to make it right for everyone. Huge props. Thanks again. Not many websites if any would have done this for us.

    Spent mine on ShinobiControl.
  20. Thanks JB! You rock man. You deserve many praises for this and how you handled the situation. I spent my free money on Untitled by Luke Dancy, which is a GREAT effect! I love it, all thanks to JB and the rest of t11.

    Stay Strong,


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