THAT, good sir... is a trick deck!

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  1. When you perform with an unusual deck (i.e. Shadow Masters, Guardians, etc.) do the spectators assume it is a trick deck? If so, how do you deal with that?

    I've known some people to never have this problem and some have it with normal Bikes. List some of your experiences - I think it could be a fun lesson.

    I especially like Gregory Wilson's attitude to this in his trick Revolver, where he tells them it's a trick deck and uses a form of reverse psychology.

    What do you do?

  2. I let them examine the whole deck and play with it a bit to make sure its not gimmicked. I get it the second I pull out a pack of cards sometimes, even when its just normal bikes. If they start getting too messy with them just take them back and tell them to stop manhandling your babies.
  3. I get asked if I am using a trick deck whether I'm using a normal deck of bikes or a deck of shadow masters. I just simply tell them that it isn't a trick deck. I don't make a big deal about it because if I do use a trick deck I don't want them to be suspicious.
  4. This reminded me of something funny that happened to me. I was performing with some Tally's and the boy WOULDN'T accept that they were a normal deck. I let him inspect him and everything. He never changed his mind. He said he figured out how it was tricks. I asked him what it was and he said that there were little dots all over the cards. He wasn't aware but he was referring to the finish on the cards. He wouldn't believe me. When I told him that all cards had that, he pulled out of those packs of cards with pictures of cats that are shaped like ovals and pointed out that THEY didn't have them. In the end, I never convinced him.

    Also,, I find it really funny when people suspect a trick deck when I flourish.
  5. It's all about audience management. If they find suspicious of the decks such as Shadow Masters, Ghost Deck, Black Tiger, and even Tally-Ho. I let them to examine everything before starting the trick. I always use Standard Bicycle Decks.
  6. With H1N1 and how terrified I am of it, if people ask me to examine my props, I tell them to $%^# off.

    Ok, not really, but I don't want people touching my stuff at the moment, so I so stuff that requires little hands-on work. No more spreading for card selections, in other words.
  7. Has been discussed numerous times.
    Use the search function and you'll see mostly the same answers and some others.
  8. I go ahead and let them look at the deck (to a certain degree, as long as they don't start throwing the cards, which happens a lot, being that I perform for High Schoolers). If they check the deck and still think it's a trick deck, I invite them to bring their own cards and that I would be happy to use them.

    On the other hand, I hate it when people grab for the cards as soon as they get fooled. The most common is when I do a double turnover (flawlessly, mind you), and they grab for the deck or the "single" card. But that is pretty rare.

    Altogether, I avoid trick decks. I only have 1 true trick deck (an Invisible). The rest are either normal or they have a bit of setup that is ruined after the trick or is unnoticable.
  9. I know you, visualartist, is trying to take this somewhere else. But when someone asks a question, or asks for opinions, you always direct them somewhere else. You never answer with anything relating to the topic. Well, I guess "This topic is in another thread" may be relevant, but you are not answering a question. If you don't want to answer, don't answer. Just leave responding aside. It's helpful to say something that relates to what they are asking rather than say something but doesn't help them. I get where you are going with this, but in the future just answer their questions. I'm not saying take this (which you probably won't) seriously, but please make others happy and not make them feel like an idiot. It's about helping others in the community go in the right direction, not continuously telling them to go somewhere else. It also helps to give an exact link to the other thread. Just thought I'd let everyone know this, so this doesn't come up again. Just be respectful to others, it will make this forum a better place for everyone. :)

  10. If a topic has been discussed before(and by the same people) theres very little reason to ask again.Especially if the topic has come up hundreds off times,which it has. He's looking for opinions and I directed him to them. Whether he looks them up is up to him.

    That was so sappy.
    And I wasnt being disrespectful at all.
  11. Guys, lets not turn this into a bashing thread. Not everyone is going to use the search function, but some people do; its a choice. Also, some new experiences might have unraveled, and I think making a new thread is far more reasonable than bumping a thread from December 8, 2008.

    Let's try to keep it respectable.

    I echo what magicman1040 said. This is my personal response. What are your guys'?

    visualartist: I'd actually like to hear what your stance is. I respect that you suggested the search function, but if you're going to post in a thread, you might as well post something on topic.

  12. Asking to see if it's a trick deck is a question asked to me all the time by my friends. If they can't believe it, they automatically assume there's something wrong or "not right" with the deck of cards. Or, they act arrogant, and say "I know how you did that." even though they looked completely baffled.

    Sometimes, they just don't want to believe what you did to them JUST happened, and try to find an excuse for you not to see it, or try to bring you down. I just walk off and say, "okay, believe what you want to believe." and they shut up. I'm telling them (in hiding my words) to shut up, without actually saying shut up. haha.

    But that's my experience with other people. Let's hear some more. :)

  13. I never really stated that this thread should not be made or dumb. I directed you to see past responses and use them as you like.
    I assumed you would compare and contrast the responses from the same people who answered then,to what their answers changed to now. If at all.

    My stance is the same as always.most times the magician makes the deck seem like the show itself,thus suspicion arises. Or they fail to convince their spectators of their illusion and they assume its the cards.
    Its never the cards fault.
    Ive performed with the wierdest cards ever but I made their uniqueness work for me instead of against me.
    The most I have gotten in the past few years is "wow,cool cards".
  14. Nice guys. I appreciate it.

    I wonder if anyone takes Gregory Wilson's approach, where he uses reverse psychology, or any offbeat techniques to allay suspicion.

  15. Sometimes, when I used to have my Ellusionist Vintage 1800 deck, I said that "this was my great grandfather's deck when they first started printing these cards. He kept them in a box, that has been around for atleast 100 years. It's very delicate, so please don't touch these."

    It automatically backs them away, and believe it or not, they actually believed it was an old deck of cards. They never touched them at ALL, just by saying don't touch it for a specific reason. Add a story to your cards, it will sometimes make them back away when you say there's something special with these, are they are very delicate if they look very old.

    That's my way of looking at it.

  16. To the OP: Nope.
  17. Get the vac.

  18. I get that often with any black deck and quite often with the Eco-deck.

    Personally, I just tell them that they're normal cards. I fan them out and I'm usually good. I don't really use any "trick" decks like a svengali but I do use a few gaffs which I palm before handing the deck to the spectator to inspect.

    I think it's just important to gain the audience's trust without a trick deck at first and then pull it out once you've gained their trust.
  19. I never have a problem with it cause I make the deck apart of my style.
  20. I personally use Aladdins, and people don't suspect anything because they think there are no gaff decks or cards made with the Aladdin back. I actually make my own gaffs like the riot gaff to do certain tricks, and they don't even suspect me using a gaff.

    However, on the ocassion I do use gaff decks, I hold the deck with the right hand, do the final move (E.G svengali deck). And hold them face down. As they are trying to make sense of the situation, I raise the deck, drawing attention to it and drop my left hand into my left pocket and draw out a normal deck. In an instant, I drop my right hand down as if to put the cards on the table, but in fact I put the normal deck with my left hand on the table, put the gaff deck into my right pocket and take a step back.

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