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    The 1914?

    Has anyone else heard anything about this new magic website?

    The 1914? I cant find much information on it.
  2. Why do I get the impression of self-promotion here?
  3. Nothing to do with me, I just want to find out about it. Someone linked me to that page and I was wondering if anyone knew anything
  4. Self promotion or not, it's rude to answer a question with a question.
  5. I'm pretty sure it is self promotion as you made a facebook event about the opening of this website.
  6. It has nothing to do with him. It will all be revealed soon. Stay tuned ;)
  7. The Spirit of 1914 refers to the alleged jubilation in Germany at the outbreak of World War I. Many individuals remembered that euphoria erupted on 4 August 1914 after all the political parties in the Reichstag, including the previously antimilitarist Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD), supported the war credits in a unanimous vote, later referred to as the Burgfrieden (literally fortress peace, but more accurately party truce). Many, particularly those in the middle class, believed Germany had ended its decades of bitter domestic political conflict. The string of military victories in the following weeks, which demonstrated what Germany could accomplish when unified and suggested that the war would be short, reinforced the ebullience. Many on the political right accordingly believed, and continued to believe into the Nazi era, that these first weeks of the war were Germany's finest hour, the German equivalent to 1789 in France.
  8. I think you are mistaken. I found the facebook event and joined, then invited some people. I had nothing to do with making it. I have no more idea as to what it is about than anyone else.
  9. Dear Jesus. This is a site that Dee Christopher and his friends are starting. There. Now quit bickering.
  10. Quite right JD! It's quite exciting for Dee and Co.

    And what is wrong with self promotion anyway if it was? You guys were acting like it was really bad to do something like that on these forums.


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