The A.C.A.A.N. is it the Holy Grail?

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by fred77, Aug 21, 2020.

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  1. Real or Fake?
    it was performed 2 times live on facebook! (I saw it) .. and he wants to sell it ..
    what do you think?
    I can't find a solution!

    thanks for who will answer me

  2. Well its always hard to tell from a low resolution video in another language, but based on my knowledge of card magic and my Physics education I'm willing to stake a position that there is no method that works every time where the spectator shuffles, names any card, any number, then counts and handles the cards themselves.
  3. Here HD resolution!
    He tells always 100% works!
  4. OK..the best fake ever?
    how do you fake an effect like this?
  5. No, that is not HD.
    No, he is offering pre-order until he gets a patent and a manufacturer. For something that can be done over Skype?!
    You are not seeing this in person. It is a low quality video with low quality audio. I can think of ways.
  6. Facebook live!
  7. stop everything .. in live ( that I saw) you can't bluff .. random card and number that even the girl at the last changed ...
  8. Yes its 720p HD!
  9. Is it possible Electronic deck?
  10. I don't use Facebook, but if it was live it was live. It may have been uploaded at 720, but it is very grainy. I doubt it was recorded at 720.

    He says it can be used over Skype he also says borrowed deck, no preshow, no electronics and you never touch the deck. That only leaves remote mind control. I don't think he'd waste that on a card trick. The point is I wouldn't pre-order it. Wait for it to come out and check out the reviews.
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  11. Put it this way, if I was the spectator, would you think it was amazing?
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  12. So, a few methods jump to mind, none of which use a normal deck. Also, Fred. This trick is not done three times. It's done once. It's the same camera, same magician, same spectator, same deck, ever single time. IF he did this with different people, THEN would I like to see more. But tbh, she could be a magician for all we know.
  13. 3 shoots differents..and the girl i dont think its magician..but only hot..
  14. I don't think I'm fooled at all ‍♂️

    As far as I can tell it can be a borrowed deck and can be performed on Skype though, on a technicality. The borrowed deck needs to be on my side of the screen.

    Also, a s***** is different than pre show. It looks like he has to handle the card as well so technically he's not handling the deck.

    The videos you share are highly suspect. Check out an actual performance of ACAAN here.

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  15. marc paul uses a deck of 13 repeated cards..the queen of hearts is in 8th position but also in 16,24,32,40..hehe..and little luck!zoom in the deck when fanned! Not impressive for me.

  16. Every trick has a method. Also Stefano Nobile’s one has (if it is real). Often people that discover for the first time how a trick works are perplexed by it’s simplicity and just say “Is that it?”
    Also, Marc Paul’s version of this trick is not meant to be zoomed in and paused, because it’s supposed to be performed live. There are many tricks that use similar principles
  17. I’m quite perplexed, because the chance acaan (the name given to this acaan) is on sale on penguin magic
  18. I'm still thinking that something is not quite as it seems... especially since the description says "this method emulates a incredible Acaan." I'd be interested in an unbiased review.
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