The Aces - Personal Handling

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by ReapingDevil, Nov 22, 2008.

  1. VERY impressive. i loved the third and fourth vanish.

    the reproduction wasnt really impressive, but i was still smiling from the 4th vanish XD

    very nicely done!
  2. Thanks. yeah, i agree with the fin. production.
  3. really cool! the only thing I can say is the final production fo the black aces, it might detract from the 'vanishing'. Maybe it's just because I know the Top Shot, but perhaps laymen will see the card coming from the top. Otherwise 5 stars!

  4. Great Job I liked everything I thought the production was good to:)
  5. thanks, you thought the production was good? i knew it was crap, but i posted it up anyways.
  6. In my opinion I thought the production was good.
  7. i agree. I didn't see it coming either.
  8. ...thanks =)
  9. no problem. I thought it was excellent.
  10. ...................=D

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