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    The Advocate

    Every Time Daniel Madison releases a new effect it's alway better the previous.
    once again D+M created a masterpiece who overcomes any other effect he ever created.


    Any Card, Any Time, Anywhere.

    16 Tricks are explained in the pdf but there's millions of other trick that can be done with the advocate.
    (The top link show the page where you can read most of the effects taugh in the book)

    I Say:

    I will bring this to school EVERYDAY.
    it's probably one of the most useful tools in modern magic

    You get:

    A PDF download with 28 page of full detailed instruction,
    (the book is really well written even if i speak french with my familly and my friend i could understand everything)

    A million beatiful effects you can perform anywhere.

    Any card any time anywhere... really.

    And almost 30 $ less in your bank account.

    The gimmick:

    It's easy to make but will take some practice and confidence to use. It's nothing complicated. Anyone can use it. any magician should have what you need to create the gimmik if not you can get it everywhere.

    9 / 10
    It's probably going to become my most used effect
    everyone should get it

    And if you want a signed copy of The Advocate

    Sorry from my bad english :)
  2. Very nice review I am still thinking about buying this not sure yet though.
  3. I've got it, looking forward to trying this out...
    It really is a great little 'idea', with practise I can see myself using this a lot.
  4. you wont regret buying this
    if you ever bought someth9ing from D+M and you liked it
    then you'll fall in love with the advocate
  5. i first tried it on my dad
    and when i show him regular tricks he always says
    ''OHH it a double lift !''
    but this time he said..
    ''but you didn't touch the cards ?''
  6. BUY IT! are you out of your wits?
  7. i know i just got it! its da bomb!
  8. i'd really apreciate actually seeing someone perform it. i already got it and it looks awesom.........................but i'd like to see a performance.
  9. Would this fool a magician do you think? Like especially the acaan. Also where is play on his site?
  10. it can fool any magician who never heard of the concept used for the advocate.. and i don't know alot of magician who know how it could work..

    what i like most is that every clue the spectator gets will bring him another question..

    [where is play on his site]
    i dont understand::
  11. Play isn't on his site. It's on The Devils Advocate Productions website since the product isn't his own.

    That's a link to purchase both products (Advocate and Play) for a special price.

    Hope that helps,
  12. lol who cares if it will fool magicians?

    As far as the A.C.A.A.N goes, the very fact that you have to turn over the card kinda ruins it for me - I think there are better sources on the plot out there. Still, interesting enough product.
  13. "Cough" Any Card "Cough"
  14. Shhh... Trying to keep that one a secret :p
  15. Um ah i meant Advocate? lol

  16. I care if it will fool a magician as i perform for magicians too and a killer acaan would rock. Anyways i bought it.... Seems quite good but will have to make it first.
  17. Now, although I work closely with DM, this was as much of a surprise for me as it was for most others. Although I’d seen the earlier prototypes I didn’t see the final idea until a day or two before release. Since it’s announcement, DM has been inundated with emails of thanks, reviews and general questions and so I thought I’d use this opportunity to talk about The Advocate, give a little more info and background whilst hoping to answer all questions…

    DM has always used The Advocate in one form or another but only set out to release it to the world 4 years ago. The initial idea was a physical ‘built’ product that one would have to purchase… this went through a number of styles over the years as DM attempted to slim line and perfect the device. The 4 years however, weren’t solely spent in development… The Advocate has 4 years of study and research behind it; I’ve never seen DM so obsessed with perfecting an idea as he did with this one. It’s his most proudest release to date and in my opinion (as well as many others) his best release to date; the only problem he may find now is being able to create anything that has a chance of topping it.

    Although DM has posted some testimonials at his site, he’s very modest about some of the fans of the Advocate, to name a few… Doug McKenzie & David Blaine.

    On sale is the PDF e-book; instant download, and also the A5 printed, numbered and autographed book (until they have all gone.)
    The book teaches you in-depth how to make the device, which takes about a minute, and there won’t be a magician who isn’t within reach of that which is needed to make it.
    The main idea of The Advocate is that you can produce/reveal ANY freely named playing card, from anywhere at anytime… and it works 100% of the time on anybody. You do need a little bit of skill in magic and the same in showmanship, but anybody with the basic skills in magic will be able to work this to the best of its abilities.
    I’m not here to talk through the effects but I will mention that there are hundreds of possibilities with the idea, and no stones are left unturned in the book… as soon as you know the secret and the handling, your brainhead will flood with ideas and you’ll want to jump right into a performance if not just to amaze yourself.

    If there are any more questions you can ask me at, or DM himself at

    On a final note and to answer 90% of the emails at once… yes, The Advocate works with ANY deck of cards

  18. is it a deck gimmick if so can u do regular tricks with it
  19. .
    (word count yo)
  20. How big is the gimmick/deivce?
    Any clothing restriction?

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