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  1. Do you know of any where I can get a video of a performance of this trick? I want to see one before I buy it. Thanks
  2. The Advocate is no longer being sold. as well as a video wouldn;t help because there are so many things that you can do with this
  3. I know a place where it is still available so do you know a video that shows any of the effects that can be performed with it?
  4. Judging from Bayme's comments in another thread expect a Theory11 hypefest regarding a DVD or some other offering with it on it, that will invariably cost 5 times the amount of the original .pdf but add limited value, except production values. This will of course create a bunch of 13 year olds suddenly buying it and performing with it so badly as to completely destroy the effect. Thus if it's that important to you, wait for that to happen.

    This isn't something you video. (Any more than, outside the battle sections of this forum, you'd video a double lift.)

    The Advocate is a utility device that allows you to perform hundreds of effects, all of which are miraculous (much like any utility move/gimmick/thing.)
  5. my gues is, maybe a dvd of the advocate, or a compliation DVD of some of daniel madisons effects.
    then Again
    thats just a guess.
  6. Where is it available?
  7. OneCardWonder is right, it's not something you simply video. It's a gimmick and a concept to work with, rather than an effect you get spoon fed, so you need a good imagination, although some great effects are provided. Those who own this will tell agree though, that it's not the sort of thing you create a video of. You get a great concept, the effects and reactions are up to you.
  8. Bryan,

    Whether you just don't know how we work - or don't understand our goals, ideals, and intentions - regardless - I felt it necessary to respond. I found this post highly disrespectful towards our community, our team of artists, and in general - to what we're all about.

    If you don't understand how videos like Jason England's and Chris Kenner's 25-30 minute 1-on-1's on multiple sleights add value to complement Erdnase, you're missing the point. If you don't understand how the very members you condescend are - inarguably - and will be - the future of magic, you're missing the point. One of those young magicians you condescend so disrespectfully today will most likely be one to be the Blaine - the Copperfield - the Derren Brown of tomorrow.

    When I was younger one of the most poignant lessons of advice I was told was to surround yourself with those smarter, better, stronger than you. You have to respect those with an experience, mastery, and intellect derivative from that experience. As such, especially growing up, I always strive to be much more interested than I try to be interesting.

    People have to start somewhere. If you're new to this site or unclear of our intentions, we fill a void in attempt to connect the next generation of magicians with the old guard. We seek to inspire our members to both respect and learn from the current generation of masters (the Forte's, the Kenner's, the Jason England's of the world). We seek to open the eyes of the older generation of magicians to cease the senseless negativity, condescension, and pessimism that oozes throughout every syllable of your post.

    The point is to inspire mutual respect in an effort to work together to improve, evolve, and advance. That can't happen with the attitude reflected in your post - it needs an optimism, a positive desire to help eachother, and a realistic objectivity towards where this art is going and how we can work together to get it there.

    In summary, yes - we are exploring a project revolving around Advocate with d+M - but we're not doing it to simply repackage. We thought the concept and applications deserve it, and we're going to do it justice and do it right. Whether you choose to buy it thereafter or not is your choice - but know that we don't do anything unless we believe in it.
  9. Woah, that's one of the best posts I've ever seen here :)
  10. I already own the Advocate, But I am Excited for this project. I LOVE the advocate, it is one hell of a tool.
  11. Am I the only one who wasn't a fan of The Advocate?:p Maybe my thoughts will change when I see the T11 release. I just think I have too many effects that can accomplish miracles far stronger than (and similar to) The Advocate to take up an entire pocket for this one gimmick. I think it's a pretty cool concept, but it's not for me really. I tend to not like DM's work. I think it's TOO gimmicked. I own Identity and don't use a single thing from it! I've also seen some of DM's work from his other PDF's. I did enjoy Dangerous because he went away from the gimmicks a bit. (Bad Influence is one of my favorite effects!) However, the stuff he releases on his own is.. eh... Not me. I haven't seen III yet which I know isn't big on gimmicks, so maybe I'll enjoy that. :) Anyway, The Advocate for me is nothing I would use. I have a few friends who said the same thing and wonder why it's getting a lot more praise than DM's other releases. Even though I don't like his other work, I liked it more than The Advocate. (Burn was pretty awesome! I should actually look at that again. I enjoyed it.)

    Anyway, onecardwonder, did you have a bad day or something? Your post was random and uncalled for. Gotta say though, you did a great job at somehow tying The Advocate to insulting T11. ;) I may not agree with everything T11 does and I have no problem posting about it or sending a message to JB. (I have.) However, you don't see me making disrespectful posts like this on a public board. Let's all play nice children, ok? :)

  12. Hrm. I think, Doug, that there are far stronger effects that could be made than the ones listed in Advocate. I definitely know where you're coming from, and I don't entirely disagree, though I'm not sure I agree either. I'm sure the fact that you don't have to touch the deck has the potential to make for something epic. I certainly do like Wedge, though. I think Omni has lots of potential too. They're the ones that jump out; aside from that, I think it has lots of potential, which I will probably think of one dazed, painful morning while barely conscious (which is when these good ideas seem to come, strangely).
  13. Just curious...why would that matter?

  14. They could put there own little spin on it, change it a bit, you never know.

    I loved Advocate ever since I got it at Blackpool.
  15. That's why.

  16. slightly off-topic but that totally happens to me to, i have somehow created poems for english (like they rhyme and stuff) while i am half-asleep?? maybe the human mind is very creative when you just wake up?

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