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The Annual Portfolio52 Deck of the Year awards


Elite Member
Dec 8, 2013
Birmingham, UK
Hi all!

I'd like to present the official Portfolio52 Deck of the Year awards. An awards to showcase some of the best decks that were delivered in 2021.
On the back end of feedback from last year, the 2021 nominees were chosen by the public - from collectors to cardists and magicians to casual players!

There are 12 categories to vote in - some of these include best aces, best jokers, best courts, best use of colour and overall deck of the year, amongst others.

You can cast your vote via this link:
Votes close on Feb 5th.

There is also an option for Feedback - would love to know what you think and, most importantly, what can be improved.
Thank you ever so much for your time :)
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