The Ascanio Spread

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  1. Who was the originator of the Ascanio Spread? My mind tells me Juan Tamariz, but I dont want to assume and be incorrect.
  2. I believe it was Arturo De Ascanio
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  3. ahh thank you!
  4. Tell me that was a joke.
  5. But a good one.

    No seriously. Sometimes (not in this case) not the originator is credited by the name of the sleight, but the one who made it popular.
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    The spread is attributed to Arturo De Ascanio. He originally called it "El Culebreo" which could translate as "the Wriggle" bringing to mind the snakelike movement of the cards. It was Fred Kaps who named it the Ascanio Spread.

    However, Eddy Taytelbaum claims to have originated the move in this quote from an e-mail to Pete Biro which is in the Genii Forum thread linked below:

    It is important to note that this claim was raised after both Ascanio and Kaps had died and, as a result, they can't verify or challenge Taytelbaum's claim. Although based on Bill Palmer's post on the Cafe, Piet Forton has collaborated Taytelbaum's claim. But the unanswered question is why Fred Kaps would call it the Ascanio Spread if he was the one that had been shown it by Taytelbaum?

    Give a magician an answer, they understand for a day. Teach them how to find the answer, they learn for a lifetime. Check out these links for details and bookmark the sites if you want to research your own answers for future questions:

    Genii Forum
    Magic Cafe
    Behr Archive

    Note the 19th post on the Genii forum thread is by Jon Rachembauer who wrote the 1976 booklet The Ascanio Spread.
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  7. I use this spread about every other day and it flies right past layman and even most magicians who have never seen it. Learn it and use it. Highly recommended!
  8. I use it for part of a sandwich routine among others! Great little move with several applications!
  9. yeah I'm sorry if this was a stupid question, but I feel like I should know all about a move im doing in order to better it and my learning process.
  10. Ah I havent used this in so long, I remember learning it from Mercury.

  11. Card College 3 has a good description of the spread.
    No surprise since Ascanio was Giobbis mentor.
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