The Bad Magician Friend

Oct 6, 2007
One of my good friends used to be a magician. Ok, maybe not a 'Magician' but rather someone who watched many of Ellusionists DVDs and performed like 3 times in his life.

Anyway, enoughing bit***ing about him. I performed a simple mentalism effect today (ntohing new, just my presentation using simple sleights, I call it 'Paranous'). After, anopther good friend of mine asked the magician friend how I did it. My magician friend said "PSSH it's so simple. He just.......and then....."

I was so pissed off. I wanted to just say "Just because you're a quitter and can't perform, doesn't mean you ahve to go around telling everyone how it's done". But I just restrained myself, not to cause trouble.

I just wanted to...share my anger :p and warn you guys. Sometimes having a magician freind isn't a good thing.
Nov 22, 2007
Just tell him not to reveal it to someone who asks.

You don't have to say anything smartass. But you don't have to act like you can't do anything, either.
Sep 2, 2007
He violated the magician's code, and therefore must be put to death. I recommend amping up an Electric Touch and stopping his heart with it. Either that or saw him in half. Really.
As much as it sucks what that guy did, it's not uncommon. People who know a couple of things in the art tend to get jealous when someone gets attention for magic they themselves could do, or at least think they know how to do.

In turn, they'll expose. It's a fragile ego, in my opinion, that feels the need to hurt another in order to make themselve feel better.

Your best bet here, especially considering you know this guy, is honesty. Tell him that you understand he knows about magic, but that it really hurts when he tells people how it is you're doing what you do.

A friend of mine used to do this to me all the time when I was just starting to get serious about magic. I remember I was working on Martin Nash's Ovation routine, and he thought he'd be funny and mess the trick up on me. If you're familiar with the routine, you know that while you shuffle the cards several times, the spectator, alas, cannot. He did. The trick was ruined, and he was laughing his head off. In front of many other friends, no less.

I told him that it really sucks that he, being 1) a friend and 2) someone I am trying something new out on, would get such a kick out of spitting in my face like that. I made sure he understood that I took it as such. I asked him how he'd feel if he'd just put up a display at work that took him hours to do (he's a grocer) and I threw a cart into it, knocking it all down in front of his coworkers, and then pointed at him and laughed like he just did.

It's not easy to confront someone like that, but you should. At least let him know it bothers you. If he doesn't understand, then maybe it's time to cut the ties.

Sep 1, 2007
You could learn a mind blowing effect, one that he won't know and then melt his face with it?

Contrary to what Brian Tudor will tell you, that doesn't work. You can shock somebody into shutting up (as I ended up doing at Phantom Fright Nights when I performed Sean Fields' Excise for my platform show), but the overall philosophy is an egocentric one and speaks more of arrogance than anything else.

Simply put, you just need to confront these people straight on.
I agree with Steerpike just confront this guy head on and ask him "Do you still respect this art, and if you don't atleast respect me", if this doesn't help then I suggest you stop being friends with the guy cause he simply doesn't respect you. Or could just up the amperage on the Electric touch. Either way it's probably a good idea to tackle this quickly before it gets out of hand.

Nov 30, 2007
He probably told so he could seem like he knew all about magic and how "amazing" he was. Just tell your friend to stop revealing your tricks.
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