THE BEAST NAMED "Erdnase Go Round"

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  1. So guys, I am trying SO HARD to get the Erdnase Go-Round down, and what is happening? EXACTLY NOTHING!
    I dunno if there are any pre-requisites, but...
    well, it doesn't even look like an Erdnase looks like I just went insane and started shooting cards all around!

    Lemme elaborate a bit...
    So I eliminate about a bit more than half a deck to do this, so that I could get the basic meaning of the moves down first. And then what happens is my packet of cards shoot OUTWARDS instead of upwards. They just shoot OUT, I hope you guys understand what I am saying.
    I naturally thought it is the angle of my hands and direction of push of my middle finger and ring finger at fault. So I angled everything up, result? A whole packet of cards shoot powerlessly and weakly and VERTICALLY out of my hand, instead of spinning horizontally!
    I can't even get the packet to shoot up horizontally, forget the spins! And if I angle it normally, then the cards shoot outwards with a VERY SLIGHT elevation from my ''throwing hand''.
    Can I please get some help? I really wanna get it down and do this more than any magic trick or sleight, and I am being COMPLETELY honest.
    If the tone of my post did not indicate it, I am DESPERATE for help!

    Please try and help me out?
  2. Try this tutorial, it helped me a lot

  3. Can you do an Erdnase One Handed Shift?
  4. That's where am learning or rather, trying to learn from...but I can't.
  5. nope, it's a pre-requisite?
    I mean, I know WHAT it is...and I can sort of do it with, as I said, not the full deck but a half or a third or something.
    Do I need to master it with a full deck completely to get this flourish down?
  6. I'm not a flourisher, so I don't know if it's absolutely a prerequesite.

    I can tell you, that those are the mechanics of the Erdnase One Handed Shift, only instead of just coalescing the packets at the end (so it's a secret move that flies under everyone's nose), you throw the packet up in the air so everyone stares at it.

    Learn it from Expert at the Card Table.
  7. Thanx! Appreciate it...
  8. Extra tip - This one was kind of hard for me to wrap my head around when I first tried to learn it. Read the description all the way through once, then grab a deck and go super slow. Make sure each finger is in the right place. It really matters here, because you have to use the tension created between the fingers to keep everything in grip.

    You'll have a head start since you've already essentially started learning it, but it was one of those moves I got really frustrated with until it just clicked.
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  9. you are talking abt the one-handed shift or the go-round?
  10. One Handed Shift. It's a bit counter-intuitive until it clicks in your head.
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  11. EGR took me about two weeks of solid practice just to get the ‘toss’ down and another two just to land it with relative consistency.

    The big thing you want to make sure you do is to make sure you have the grip down. That is literally 75% of the flourish. Be you’re able to consistently ‘seperate’ half the deck and be able to get the bottom packet without ripping cards from underneath the upper packet. If this is the case. You’re putting too much stress on your thumb and pinky.

    When I do get the packet out this way, about 1/3 of the bottom packet is sticking out ahead of the top packet, but it’ll look like PAC-MAN.

    I do this in my right hand. My middle finger is holding the bottom packet and the top of my ring finger—the fingernail portion, is acting as a sort of ‘table’. The index finger kinda-sorta supports as well, but the main emphasis is middle finger and ring.

    Once you have the proper grip, it’s jisy practicing the toss. There’s no easy way to explain it. But it’s seriously a matter of practice. And get ready to drop your cards a lot, because you will.

    It’ll take a bit figuring out the knack to gauge the proper amount of power for it. But I will say: don’t flick your wrist for it. You get more control with the arm and holding your wrist steady with the rest of your arm.

    I hope this helps.
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