The Best Closer?

Jul 16, 2011
Hey guys, I'm reconstructing my street magic routine, and I'm struggling to find a good closer. I want something that ends with giving the spectator a souvenier, and gives the spectator a memory they will never forget.
Feb 1, 2011
I always use Lit by Dan Hauss and Dan White for closer as it gives the spectator an impossible souvenir .
Jul 31, 2011
LA LA land
Anything involving a signed card, or any object in a bottle is good (if they can keep the bottle). Souvenir Linking Rubberbands has a great souvenir for the spectators.
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Dec 18, 2007
Northampton, MA - USA
I've not done any busking in years but the one thing I was told over and over again back in the day, is that you close with the money maker. . . the routine that is going to get the wallets to magically open and drop dollar bills into your hat.

It really doesn't matter what the trick is, as long as you can play it up and generate interest enough to get the money. . . the routine MUST be part of your pitch. This is why many buskers close with a routine involving cash (any number of monte effect, sidewalk shuffle type routines, etc.) I found myself doing the old Svengali pitch as my closer. . . not only did I sell some cards, I got the tips as well.


Michael Kras

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Sep 12, 2007
I use French Kiss in the form of a comedy routine I designed for my stand-up and stage shows, and have never had anyone want to keep the cards as souvenirs. They're folded up and soggy, and as much as some people may think this of themselves, nobody wants your signed card.

That said, I do have a preferred closer. It is one of the most impactful effects in my repertoire, and it leaves the deck of cards in a perfect condition to end the set. Only thing is, I don't want to tell anyone what it is, because next to nobody uses this and I want to keep it that way :) All I can say is that it's an effect created by Bill Abbott who I consider one of the nicest, most generous magicians around. When my materials for said effect ran out, I went to purchase it again only to find that it has been discontinued. Luckily, Mr. Abbott popped into the shop that day and I asked him if there was any chance of the effect being restocked. He just had me give him my address, and within a week he sent me two replacements of the effect along with a nice little note and an instructional DVD that didn't come with the product the first time I bought it. Something I'll never forget. That alone makes the effect particularly special for me.
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