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  1. What's up everyone? I've been doing a lot of mentalism and was just wondering what are the top 5 mentalism tricks or DVD's?
  2. Definitely, make sure to read all of Corinda and Annemann. After that check out the Secret Ways of Al Baker. Bob Cassidy's books are also must reads. There are many many excellent mentalism books-but it is very important that you start with the classics from which all the rest branch off from.
  3. Banachek
    Larry Becker
    Richard Osterlind
    Andy Nyman
    Max Maven
    Marc Paul
    Lee Earle
    Kenton Knepper
    Darren Brown: Pure Effect

    Read the works of these people including the material of the people that Dan had mentioned.
    And remember when it comes to mentalism, It's not really what you do, but how you do it. Most of your focus should go towards you patter/presentation.
  4. My skeptic alarm just went off. What do you already have?
  5. nice thx guys, i have Corinda and Prism by Max Maven my repertoire comes mostly comes from does 2 books and also Banachek with some Richard Osterlind and Luke Jermay( E.I-Coral Fang). Thx for the help. Anyone live in MTL canada, im a lonely mentalist-magician in Mtl including Bedros Spidey whos realy amazing i highly recommend his work
  6. Definatly read the classics, Fundementals is an excellent starting point.
  7. Will do it would be great if Theory11 had some mentalism artists or effects on like a 1on1
  8. Most people here wouldn't know mentalism if it kicked them in the throat and Theory 11 know where there bread and butter is. That said, Bob Cassidy's Fundamentals is indeed a must-have. There is no better guide to the basics of mentalism performance theory.
  9. With due respect to George, I think that was his point. Our videos are instructional... so the point is to teach them things that they don't already know. We do hope to bring a lot more mentalism to the site soon. Make way for Luke Jermay and Dan White to fix that. Definitely a goal over the coming year - we're on it.
  10. I'll definitely wait for the mentalism to come on here.
  11. Great news can't wait for it. I'm sure its gonna be killer; especially with the mind of Luke Jermay and Dan White. As Luke Jermay quoted - mentalism is the future of magic.
  12. j.bayme,

    but single mentalism pieces would lead others into mentalism on the wrong foot, and if released would only provide a wrong starting step into mentalism. That's the whole point that Steerpike and DICER constantly stand by; that starting mentalism requires certain steps and material, not just jumping around and doing mentalism just because an effect looks good.

    On a side note, Luke Jermay? Sounds awesome.

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