The best places in the USA to experience?

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  1. Hey guys,

    Next year, Im planning on going on a 6 month exchange to the U.S

    Its one of the places I havent been before, And would really like to, and we get to choose where we want to be hosted. (Any state/city we choose I mean)

    So im asking you guys, where do you think some of the best places are to go? Not totally magic wise, but that would be a cool extra, as it would be a better experience since magic in New Zealand isnt that popular or very big.


  2. Seattle. Vegas. New York. Maybe Los Angles.
    Don't go Oregon, it's boring.
    California is fun in most any big city.

    Anywhere you've actually heard of being cool is probably cool :p
  3. For beautiful scenery, good food, nature, outdoor sports, skiing, beach, cultural diversity, etc... I would recommend Seattle. However, you will need to be ok with rain and wind. Seattle is also close to Vancouver Canada, which is very nice and can provide for some fun entertainment.

    New York if you are looking for a talented magic scene, kinda hectic city life, fast pace society, etc...

    Las Vegas for night life, gambling, hot weather, some good magic, but possibly could get tiring quite quickly.

    San Francisco for great sights, fun time, good food, but quite expensive.
  4. Thats a tough one but I would say choose someplace warm as it will be winter.
    LA is pretty fun and you could always drive to Vegas, San Fran etc. Florida's also an option with many different cities with in driving range. Theres a lot to do in New York but its going to be cold at that time.
  5. If you're in snowboarding, Park city is a must.
  6. Las Vegas, Nevada and Boulder, Colorado are my top 2 places! Vegas is more for fun and excitement while Colorado is more quiet and serene!
  7. as follows,

    New York City
    specifically battery park, statue of liberty, central park, times square

    biggest national park in the continental US. amazing scenery and wildlife

    Niagara Falls
    great land feature and duty free shop cards, woo

    YellowStone National Park
    sulfur fields smell bad but look amazing, wildlife again, scenery and old faithful

    Glacier Park
    Little known but prettier cousin of Yellowstone, between the two are the largest and last free roaming herds of american buffalo, if they cross a road you could be waiting for a few hours, also elk, deer, etc.

    Mount Rushmore
    big stone faces... need i say more?


    another amazing landscape that is just other worldly

    Myrtle Beach
    just my favorite beach...

    Grand Canyon
    tectonic plate click bend

    umm.. i dunno, give me more details on what your looking for and i can help more.. ive been to over 30 states and travelled WAAAAAY to much so any help i can give id be happy to
  8. I'm in CO if that helps... :p
  9. Washington DC...... LOL jk it sucks here

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