The best table sleights (in your opinion)

Apr 3, 2019
I wonder about sleights which can only be (or are meant to be) performed while seated. Examples include simple table cuts to more advanced table pass.

What are your favourites?

I am looking to expand my current abilities. So far I have managed to learn only few shuffles, cuts, false cuts/shuffles as I tend to learn sleights which are used more when standing up, but I would like to take my card magic to the table. Any recommendations?
Sep 10, 2017
My main interest in playing cards is with table sleights. I know quite a few of them and cant really choose one as the best one. But here are some of my favorites:

Bottom deal ( there are many grips but my favorite is the Gene Maze grip)
Strike and Push off second deal
Zarrow Shuffle
Push thru shuffle
Some table Passes ( I prefer the miller pass for the most part )
Steve Forte's top stock control from 52
Card Mucking ( Probably the best one to begin with is the classic George Joseph Muck )
There are many more sleights but here are some of my favorite ones that I practice daily, or at least weekly
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Nov 3, 2018
I second most of what Mr_ARPY wrote. I can't say anything about the rest because I don't really know them first hand myself. Most of the things (probably all) are cheating moves. There are some great sources about those moves out there, including Jason England. You can buy his work on many of the above mentioned here on T11. From what I've seen they're really to be recommended; Mr England has some great skill with the deck and knows how to teach it well.
But of course there's always the classic "Expert at the Card Table", which covers a lot of topics as well, but I trust that you're already somewhat familiar with that, as you've already done some magic.
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