The Biddle Trick

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  1. Really really need to work on the handling of the count. It's too forced and ridged.
  2. I agree, don't rush the count or be too stiff. Another thing is, even though this is a quick trick, let the effect settle for the spectator(s), if you can, incorporate a card vanish of the five cards to four cards.
  4. Thanks for the feedback everyone.
  5. Biddle Trick

    First of all you shouldn't count the cards so many times. It makes it look suspicious. You should count them when you initially take them out of the deck then when you go through the faces of the cards you should call out the names of the cards. Hope this makes sense.
  6. HI! I am going to say good job on entertaining the little group you where performing for! That is what it is all about! But I know you are looking for tips to get better which is even better you can take criticism without taking it personally. You will get very good if you stay that way.

    So here is my advice... first of all I love the biddle trick, and I do perform it.. But I do not like the first count when you show them your card. So I changed it to showing them all 5 cards at once. once they see the card they relax and i can do the count a bit faster and more laid back. Then continue the trick as you want.

    Either way my advice it so relax and loosen up. Magic is fun you don't look nervous just a bit stiff and if you loosen up and not care they won't care and the counts and stuff won't be a big deal and you will be fine you just need to get a bit more natural in your movements is all.

    But Good job!
  7. Great Performance!

    I love how you laugh with the spectator and make it a performance and not just a scripted trick.

    One thing that I recommend to do is to slow down throughout the trick. One instance is after you push the card into the deck. I feel like you shouldn't riffle right away, but maybe add some patter between the time where you "lose" the card into the deck and cut to it.

    Still, I loved the trick and the reaction it got. Continue to amaze people!
  8. Nice performance mate,i do it little different but that was good,keep up :)

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