The Blackjack Deal by Luke Jermay

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    The Blackjack Deal by Luke Jermay

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    Set Up: 4/10

    Obviously, you will need another deck to set this effect up. You will also need to create a "gaff card". The gaff card in this effect isn't totally necessary, but in the long run makes life a lot easier. The deck is stacked, obviously, and it will take a bit of memorization to remember how to set it up. Also, if you are doing it with different colored backs, and therefore dealing the hands face up, you will need to reverse the stack, and this just confused me.

    Difficulty: 5/10

    This effect is fairly simple, and only requires you to learn one sleight. I had never even thought of this sleight being used in the effect, and that's all I'm going to say. The sleight itself is not very difficult, and will not take long to get down. Like Blindsided, this effect is fairly easy, and lets you focus more on the presentation then the effect itself.

    Reset: 3/10

    This trick is not, by any means, instantly resettable. It will take about 30 seconds to reset it (with good memory, that is), and you cannot do it in front of the spectators.

    Price: 9/10

    I thought the price was just right for this effect. It's a very hard hitting effect, and will work great with a gambling routine (except for the clean up part). If anything, I think the price should be a couple dollars higher, because I don't want everybody to have this effect... and therefore leading to this effect being exposed on YouTube.


    - Hard hitting.

    - Fairly simple to pull off.

    - Great opener/closer.


    - Not instantly resettable.

    - Clean up can be hard.

    - The deck is not instantly examinable.

    - If you do not have proper misdirection, odds are you will be caught doing the move.

    Overall: 7/10

    This is a great effect, and can be done with different colored backs, but the setup will become "backwards", and therefore confusing for most people. :) This is a very powerful effect, but I can't see myself using it too awful much.


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