The blister card revelations. Branded or Third Degree Burn

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  1. I'm looking to go for a blister revelation.

    third degree burn

    Any Card
    You have to fiddle around in your pocket


    A few cards
    No fiddling on pocket, as description reads the gimmick is on the bic lighter.

    I really really can't decide. Does anyone have either?

    I'm just looking for another card revelation. I love doing stigmata but I like the blister route as well.
  2. Branded is one of the greatest pocket items in magic.

    I recommend it whole-heartedly. I have both. Branded eliminated the problems of fumbling in the pocket, which was the downfall to 3rd Degree. I'm sure you can find some rave reviews with a little bit of searching.

    Hope this helps,
  3. Branded is always in my pocket. My favorite of the blister effects put out.
  4. Daniel Madison has a really good practical blister effect called 'Infliction' in Collateral. There's no messing around with pockets and the method is really clever.
  5. I thought that in concept that 3rd degree was AWESOME. I've never gigged it though as it's a pretty big gimmick and does involve some fumbling. I think if you put lots of time into practicing it and got it real smooth it'd serve you well though!!

  6. I second the Daniel Madison Infliction comment. The gimmick is home-made and super subtle (like, Static subtle). setup is very little and it's super practical. Super cheap also, as it is only ONE effect off of that whole e-book.
  7. hello

    I am about to begin work on a similar project for a client of mine. From what I can tell there will be significant overlap in terms of features.
  8. I third 'Infliction' from D's book, 'Collateral'.

    As the ad states, it's "The 1st ever self-contained blister effect"...once you see the 'gimmick' behind this you'll think Daniel is a genius. It will cost you a few pennies to construct the device to accomplish the effect and it will also go by unnoticed by the spectators.

    Very practical, and there is no fumbling in the pockets.

    A true winner from 'Collateral'.
  9. Infliction is just too good and using the ideas that Daniel gives you can get many cards on the one gimmick. A friend of mine has 16 and his is very well made.
  10. agreed. D+Ms infliction is great. i use it all the time and it never fails.

  11. I'm glad so many people agree with me that Infliction is a great trick. The best thing is i'm sure you could prob pick up the collateral book cheaper than either third degree burn or branded.

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