The Blue Crown doesn't have any merchandise.

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  1. Hey,
    Don't get me wrong; this isn't a smear campaign.
    I love The Blue Crown, I've ordered many, many things from them; and I'm friends with most of the people who run the site.
    But what I don't understand is: Why don't they get more merchandise? It's kinda ridiculous that they're completely out of stock on *everything* they have available.

    blue crown.JPG

    blue crown 2.JPG
  2. Well most of that stuff is "Limited Editions" probably, and when speaking about limited editions, even Theory 11 has sold out on some of their limited edition decks.
  3. I know; but then why still have them on the site? That's my issue: Why taunt us with merchandise we can't have? Although I know the answer: then they literally will have no merchandise on their website.
  4. Probably a mixture of being busy and trying to create higher demand for their products.
  5. The Blue Crown is still a newer company, so they make money by buying certain amounts of products, then selling them all. this does a few things. it makes their products higher demand, and it helps hype up other products. they are going to release updated v2 decks but until then they are working hard on products.
  6. JB(the CEO of theory11) answered that question. It's not to taunt you lol. It's to let other people that just joined theory11 or in this case thebluecrown know of their existence. And because of the decks and everything else is a part of theory11's history and they don't want to just delete their history. But I'm sure it's mostly to let everyone to know of their existence, if you look hard enough you'll find several of the sold out items on the internet.
  7. Also as Chris said thebluecrown is a fairly new magic site, it's not even a year old so that would explain the lack products. lol
  8. Yeah, I know The Blue Crown is new; Alex invited me to the launch party. I just noticed the abundance of sold out products and thought it was worth noting.
  9. Hey guys. This is a double-edged sword. As mentioned, The Blue Crown is a very new site, not even a year old yet. When establishing our product line and user base, we had no idea how popular so many of the items would be! With the first run of many items, we had a supply that we thought would be more than enough. Turns out, we underestimated on several of them!

    Most of our sold out products are accessories. We have plenty of magic items in stock. And our awesome downloads never go out of stock! Rest assured, the "sold out" items are not there to taunt you. In most cases, these are just temporary notices that the items are not currently in stock. It doesn't mean that they're gone forever. Many of our items are crafted by hand, such as Porper clips and mismade bills. Other items, like decks, simply need a bit of time for printing, etc.

    Since we launched in March the company has released 3 different decks and card clips, 8 DVDs, and 10 downloads, and that's not even the entire product range. I think we're offering new material on the site at a pretty good pace. Rest assured, we don't put the time and money into releasing products just to put them in the hands of a few individuals. We want to share this great work with everyone. Many of our existing products will be back in stock very soon. We also have a few new surprises and an awesome holiday contest that will be unveiled soon.

    We appreciate the support and the interest, and we always take your feedback to heart.

    Believe me, lots of things are going on behind the scenes and all will be unveiled when the time is right.


  10. so true !
    i have noticed that too !
    one day they 'll be out of stock of downloads
  11. In all honesty... I'm just upset I didn't get a blue Porper clip in time... :p
    And again, I'm not trying to attack the Blue Crown, I've supported them before the site even opened; I just really want to be able to purchase some Blue Crown decks. :D
  12. I'm pretty sure they'll have those clips in stock again, it's just that they are hand-made so the production is probably pretty slow. Just the other day you even had the chance to win one Porper clip of your choice, there was a contest involving some patter creation on The Blue Crown.
  13. I know... I lost... thanks for reminding me... :p
  14. Sorry, didn't know you participated haha.
  15. Whats up guys!

    Thanks for Kevin in pointing me to this thread. Rest assured, I haven't come on here to pimp out the site, just wanted to make a few things clear so we're all on the same page! Believe me, I would love the products back in stock as much as some of you do. We have made the clips available numerous times now, making more and more each time, but they still sell out. We are on our third run of t-shirts also, and well, we all know how fast the crown decks went out!

    In any case, we are planning on having everything that is out of stock back IN stock for the holidays (with the exception of the Art Book)

    The Crown Decks second edition, all 3 clips, a few uncut sheets from the second run, etc. Of course, we can only produce so many of each so stay tuned in the next couple of weeks for all the details and chance to pick up the products you want before they go out again! :)

    I'll be happy to answer anything else.

  16. Awesome!! Thanks Alex! :)
    I almost feel like Gollum when it comes to the blue Porper clip.
    "My preeeciiiiouuuuuusss.... I muuuust haaaves it..."

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