The Bluff Pass

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  1. Hey,
    Just a quick question can anyone tell me what type of cards Wayne Houchin is using in the 1 on 1 video of the bluff pass as I think they look really nice!
  2. He is using Jerry's Nuggets. They are one of the most rare decks of cards on the market and will cost you (most likely) 100-200 dollars (maybe even more than 200).
  3. They are Jerry's Nugget cards. Do a search on this forum and you will find out a lot about them.
  4. reply

    I believe they're JERRY'S NUGGETS. Very hard to find and very expensive when you do
  5. Yep, I don't recommend purchasing them though.
  6. I think those are GUARDIANS
  7. Are you joking?
  8. I love it how 3 people post exactly the same thing in a row, don't people read other people's posts?

  9. They probably hit the "post reply" button before the other ones were posted, opened a new tab, and checked out the video. They thought they were the first ones to answer.
  10. Yeah but you'd be surprised (well probably not, seeing as your on the forum a bit) how many people do it way after other people have already posted.

  11. Yes, a lot of people do it sometimes.

    The cards were Jerry's Nuggets.:rolleyes:

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