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    So I've been using the pass for quite a while now. I got comfortable with it after working with Peter Cassford's video "Pass With Care." Excellent teaching of the pass. Still, I'm always looking to further my knowledge and skill with any sleight I perform. I'm not a move monkey, so I'm not into learning many new moves. I enjoy polishing and perfecting a handful much more, and on that short list of card sleights I use is the pass.

    I'd seen Alex's pass before this video and it was impressive. So $10 with a money back guarantee stamped on it? I was game.

    Basically what is taught here is a jiggle pass. I could say "that's it," but that would not be accurate at all, for the real value here is in the detail Alex goes into that really breaks down why his variation on the jiggle pass looks so much better than any jiggle pass you've ever seen. The timing, break down of motions, how to get the break, card replacement, misdirection, get ready, each individual finger replacement in the execution--all the details of the mechanics are here. No stone is left unturned, yet at the same time it isn't over-taught or longwinded. The info is all thorough yet concise. Honestly, this is one of the best online videos I've purchased.

    I already started playing with the subtleties and touches Alex goes over in the video and I can already see them making my pass better. I will definitely be shifting my technique toward this handling of the pass, as opposed to the riffle pass I'm using now. This is a great variation Alex has come up with. If you don't believe me, look at the video. It speaks for itself. Why would you not want your pass to look like that? It's phenomenal. Even in slow-motion!

    The only issue I had was the video is listed as being a download and it's not. It's an "on demand" video that streams through the website. Not a big deal, but I do prefer downloads so I can watch them on my laptop when I'm traveling without internet connection (which happens for me more than you may think).

    So that's it. If you want to make your pass better this is for you. It's $10 and it has a money back guarantee. What do you have to lose?

    This is excellent stuff.


    So get it.


    Do it.


    You'll be glad you did.

    (And if you're not, you get your money back!)
  2. hey!!

    Thanks so much for the review man, I am so glad everyone is enjoying the download. I was hesitant to do this for the longest time because I was afraid people will just say "who is he to teach the pass?" , which on one hand is true, but on the other, I really felt like I had something to add to the pass you are already doing, and from the feedback I have had so far, it was a good choice :)

    I suggest everyone know the basic actions of the pass already before leaping into this though, I would recommend jason england's download, or On the Pass from Richard Kaufman, which is where I learned the pass for the first time

    I did want to address one thing though as far as the "On demand" vs. download goes, since I know it has gone back and forth a few times. We have experienced some problems with people downloading our videos recently, so we are temporarily switched to the streaming version for a short time. Don't worry, soon we will have BOTH a downloadable option as well as a streaming option. Oh, and also, if you did purchase a download recently and want the downloadable version to watch offline just email us requesting this and we will send you personally a downloadable file. Remember, this is only temporarily so no worries! :) , so Matt, we would be happy to send you that if you want.

    Thanks peeps!
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    I like it very much, too. I got it when the download was still available. As Alex already mentioned, there is a discussion at bluecrown where he asked what people prefer, 'on demand' or 'download'.
    And nothing against 'On the pass'. Kaufman explains many different passes (classic pass and variations and herrmann pass and variations) and is a great overview of the pass, its history and applications.
    Alex and Jason do less, but in greater detail, which I personally prefer.
  4. Glad you decided to go ahead and put this out, Alex. You definitely had something to contribute to the pass, man. Well done, sir.

    Also, good to hear the news on the download vs. streaming issue. I was unaware it was a temporary fix to a bug. Good news! :)
  5. Please let us know via the newsletter as soon as the DL format is available again... I purchased Cannibal and I have to watch it On-Demand, and I would prefer to have it in my HDD... Thanks Alex!
  6. Hey dude,

    So you don't have to wait...send us an email with your name/order number and we can send you the downloadable version, no problem at all!


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