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  1. I thought I would post a thread for theory 11 on bugs. SO if you find any problems with the new website. some i found are 1: there is no search button for the "Search theory11" bar. 2: I'm sure everyone have noticed that the wire is gone.
    if there is any more let them know.

  2. Well I just thought I might as well point this out... On the home page (, the icon for card magic and general magic is the same...
  3. On mac, safari, when typing in the support field for a large amount of time (or characters), the white/gray BG disappears.

    Not tested on other browsers.
  4. On "The Pop-Out Move" page the description is for "untitled".
  5. When you want to delete private messages, you have to delete each of them individually by clicking on them, and choosing "Delete this message". There is no overall delete option. If that could be fixed that would be awesome.

    Do I just not see it?
  6. You can delete all at once. Just check the box where it says Messages on the left above all of your messages, and click empty folder below. That should work.
  7. on the "Backpack" page it says B4Cut on top.
  8. I don't mean delete them all. I mean like delete 8 out of 50 or something like that.
  9. Insignia/Favicon now works everywhere on Firefox except for the forums, where it still isn't coming up...
  10. Not a bug, but a typo I thought I'd pass on. In the description for the Manipulation Deck it says: "Produced and manufactured with in South Africa."
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    I'm going to try and make a comprehensive list, some of these might have been fixed, just tell me and I'll take them off, if there are any other ones, just tell me, or add them yourself with another post.:

    -No "Go to Last Post" or "First Unread Post" button(s)
    -No "Jump to Forum" drop down menu at the bottom of the forum pages
    -No Wire
    -No "Mark All Forums Read" button
    -The icons on the homepage are the same for General Magic and Card Magic
    -The links on the left of the News page don't work
    -In the Tricks section, clicking the "Reverse Order" button shuts down the browser, Opera
    -The Wynn playing cards page, the Bee playing cards page, the Tally-Ho playing cards pages, and the Bicycle playing cards page features a picture of Daniel Madison using Split Spades
    -You can't tell which playing cards are sold out without clicking on the page
    -In the Media section, clicking the username of someone who left a comment just brings you back to the video instead of their profile
    -The Werm by Dan and Dave's link doesn't work. "Not Found" error or something like that
    - "Most users ever online was at...." the time (12:02) is gray and there’s an orange period after it
    -The gift certificate page shows screenshots of Smoke
    -You can’t add attachments to PMs

    That's all for now.
  12. When you go to the tricks section and click "Reverse Order" the browser shuts down in Opera. (i tried it with IE and nothing happens - other than the order is reversed)
  13. Davey,

    This is very helpful! Many of the issues you mentioned are already fixed. As of tonight, we can cross the following off the list:

    - Description on the Manipulation Decks
    - Description of Backpack Cut
    - Description of Pop-Out Move
    - No longer have to delete PM's one-at-a-time
    - Shirts in the Gear section were intentionally removed (news on that coming!)

    Videos SHOULD now work in Internet Explorer. If not, which videos are you having trouble with and which version of Internet Explorer are you using?
  14. Found another bug. If you go to the Wynn Playing card page, you will see a picture of Daniel Madison doing his card shot with Split Spades.
  15. Sorry for double posting but found another bug. If you go to a video in the media section and down with the comments, click on someones username, it just takes you to the video again. Is this just happening to me?
  16. Another bug that I'm having is that I can't reply using a quote. Latley I have been quick reply to every thread and when I want to a reply with a quote it doesn't let me. Its say its loading and error on page. I don't if thats me or not...
  17. What browser are you using?
  18. I'm using IE7, and I get that problem too. Sometimes, I also end up quoting the person who I "replied" to (I.E. If I hit the reply post on your button, sometimes It would reply with a quote)
  19. I dont think PMS are working either. Can some Pm me and see if they get my reply just to test... thanks everyone!
  20. The Werm by Dan and Dave's link doesn't work. "Not Found" error or something like that.

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