The card box's cellophane

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  1. Hey, I've recently found out that many magicians leave the cellophane on the card box . Why? does it increase the deck's life? and Can someone explain how to open the box without ripping off all the cellophane? Thanks!
  2. Most magicians find their cellophane useful in their own ways, also some tricks can be done using the cellophane, I use mines to hold out extra cards, gaffs etc. I also do some effects that use just the cellophane. Most card boxes have the guide to cleanly open the cellophane but if you really want to keep it try using an exacto knife and a ruler to open the cellophane the way you want it, I find this method useful to open the cellophane to the exact size that fits your needs.
  3. Theres a little plastic strip that runs around the whole deck that is perforated, its probably a faint red colour. It runs around the front, back and sides of the deck, up near the top where the box opens. On one of the sides you should be able to get a fingernail underneath it, but only on one side. From there you just pull it and it should rip off the rest of the cellophane in a thin strip, the top portion of the cellophane should now come off, meaning you can leave the bigger, bottom portion on and still access the cards in the box.
  4. Thanks for you're help!!!!

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