The Card Trick That Never Happened!

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by GambitIce, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. Let me know what you think!

  2. Nice video! I really like the patter as well as the effect itself(of course). I like the whole concept of going back in time instead of the deck just fixing itself and the trick being over. Each step leads the spectator to a new level of amazement and it really enhances the trick. Again, very nice.

  3. That was really cool. Very interesting concept, and everything went so well together. I hope you do this for real people, it will blow their minds! Great job man.

  4. i liek the effect, i do have a question...

    where in your routine does this effect come in? It reminds me alot of of "the spelling collins aces" i use to perfom, point being that im having difficulty visualizing where this fits.. do you have liek a gamblers routine or soemthing?

    ~not saying your performance or effect was bad ( i actually like how u did everything and showed everythign)
    i just notice that like the spelling effect i use to perform, both of these are kinda long and require alot of handling, so i couldnt do an ambitious card routine, then this yakno?

    maybe your answer will help me with an old effect i miss performing (not to steal ur thunder), just some effects are soo kool but dont routine well X/
  5. Its a great question. This kind of routine is definitely difficult to perform for laymen as it requires a lot of their attention. I think other magicians would find the routine more interesting than a laymen. That being said, when i perform it to a lay person i have laready shown them that I have skill with a deck of cards and I use this effect as a demonstration of how if you are good enough with a deck of cards you can control this hidden property that is within every deck. It is kind of a stretch, but it is an interesting way to present it. So to answer you question more directly, i dont present this as a card trick but rather as a demonstration of what is possible with a deck of cards.
  6. hahaha this is my favorite effect from Cummins FASDIU notes! Good job man!
  7. Well done, a great routine indeed.

    This isn't an opener, definitely doable for spectators though. You'll have to find some that are genuinely interested in what you do before you perform it.
  8. Yay! The trick won First place on Mismag's Contest! Thanks everyone for watching!

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