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  1. Before I purchase I was wondering if there was a gimmick. If so does it come with the box, and lasts forever like distortion by wayne houchin. Or is it like Blake Vogt gimmick that runs out. Also can you make it with household equipment, or is it like Mathieu Bich exile. I'm purchasing the code either way, but was just wondering.
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    Yes there is a gimmick. You are paying for a DVD and a gimmick.
  3. Everything you need is included - with multiple routines, applications, and presentations taught in the DVD. The Code has contributions by Steve Cohen, Chris Kenner, and myself following 18 months of development to bring this idea to life.

    We couldn't be more happy with the result, and it's been hugely gratifying to see the reviews today from Max Maven, Wayne Houchin, and more. Amazing.
  4. JB i have a question. what is so different and new compare to the other marked deck?
    i have bought mine by the way.
    I am asking this question because i think the trailer is not really clear and convincing.


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