The Collected Works of Alex Elmsley Volume I

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  1. The Collected Works Of
    Alexander Elmsley
    Volume One​

    This is an in-depth review of "The Collected Works Of Alex Elmsley" Volume One, It's a Hard bound book with a dust jacket & 404 pages.
    On the front of the dust jacket is the title of the book written in gold, & a picture of a young Alexander.

    I've had this book for many years, it's more Card effects & Sleight's but does have some other Close-Up effects. I always find myself reading this book from time to time as it has excellent effects, Sleights, & two excellent subjects on Misdirection & theory on practice.

    L&L Publishing, Written by:Stephen Minch & Illustrated by Amado Narvaez.

    I'll go through the Contents of the book adding notes on the way, enjoy.

    A NOTE FROM THE PUBLISHER: Is about how the book came about, as Mr Elmsley had alot of unpublished work. If you buy the book you'll see all of the people involved & there's alot (Until this time, none of us at L&L had any idea what a wealth of material existed).

    The Introduction is an excellent read, (Dai Vernon, Paul Lepaul & Slydini visited England, a point was made of introducing them to Alex Elmsley. When they returned to the states, they brought with them stories of a new British lad who did some remarkably original magic. They had been fooled & most of them openly admitted it). It's more like a mini bio.

    Alex Elmsley on the Theory & Practice of Magic
    The Automatic Producer
    On Misdirection
    These subjects are an excellent read, easy to understand & very useful.

    CHAPTER TWO: Spirited Counts & Revenant Tricks
    The Four-card Trick (Featuring the Elmsley count)
    Flight to Witch Mountain
    Shale Fellow Well Met
    A Rebours
    Elmsley's Ghost
    Mini-Milton (Featuring the Five-as-Five ghost count)
    Mixed Marriages
    One Poor Lion
    The Great Pretender (Featuring the everchange count)
    Twister's Flush
    Thoughts in Transit (Featuring the neverchange count)

    Chapter two has some excellent effect’s using the Everchanging Count & Neverchanging Count, which are also taught . When learning the effects, as you read the Method there’s some history on the effect also.

    CHAPTER THREE:Sundry Sleights
    Break Time
    Battling the Bulge
    A Bluff Hand-to-Hand Transfer
    Taking a Break in a Spreasd
    Preparing for a Double Lift
    Fan Shuffle Strategies
    The Hook-Strip Shift
    Top & Bottom Card Interchanges
    The Tabled Cover Reverse
    The Tabled Top Change
    Two Novel Slip Cut
    The Undercut Slip
    The Tipsy Turnover Pass
    A Polished Push-off
    A Biddle Displacement
    The Thumb Palm Addition
    A Card Fan Production
    New Techniques for the Rear Palm
    The Top-Card Rear Palm
    The Misdirection Rear Palm
    The Tap Replacement
    The Center-Card Rear Palm
    A One-Handed Center Steal
    Trouser-pocket Loading Technique
    Variations on Erdnase’s First Transformation
    Transformation with Outjog
    Erdnase’s First Transformation as a Vanish
    Flying Squad
    The Misdirection Slide Palm
    Two Pocket Deck Switches
    The Climax Pack Switch
    The Empty-handed Pack Switch

    Chapter three is just Sleights as you can see, the learning of the Sleights I found easy as the text is clear & easy to understand. There’s also illustrations of where the fingers should be & how the Sleight should look etc. You don’t have to learn the Sleights to be able to use the effects, they are Mr Elmsley’s preferred handlings.

    CHAPTER FOUR:Minus Fifty-two
    The Nodding Skull
    The Visual Torn & Restored Newspaper
    Ring & Paper Clip
    The Twister: A Puzzle
    The Thimble Changes
    The Elmsley Colour-Changing Knife Routine
    The Perpetual Cigarette
    A Cigarette Vanish
    A Production of Cigarettes in Holders
    Magnetic Monte
    Ring on Silk
    Physical Medium
    Sleeve Loading for the Cups & Balls
    The Elmsley Cups & Balls Routine

    Chapter four has no Card effects, but again some of these effects are excellent take “The Perpetual Cigarette” . The plot is the torn & restored cigarette, but with one important addition to the standard effect. Paul LePaul commented that he had never been so badly fooled in his life, when Slydini first came to England to lecture in August 1958. Mr Elmsley saw him do his masterful version of the torn & restored cigarette, several days later they met again & Mr Elmsley demonstrated his own method. Slydini was complimentary, but it wasn’t until Mr Elmsley noticed the master’s eyes searching the floor for an extra piece of cigarette that he knew Slydini had been fooled.

    CHAPTER FIVE:Twisted Classics
    1002nd Aces
    The Atomic Aces
    The Repulsive Aces
    Double Finders
    Apprentice Aces
    Pick of the Litter
    The Four Blanks
    Five-card Sam
    Bare-aced Hofzinser
    A Minor Triumph
    All Backs with Aces
    A Triple Reverse
    Infinity:Round Trip
    Chosen Cards Across
    Invisible Card in Cigarette
    New Pieces to an Old Puzzle
    Liar’s Club
    One at a Time Collectors
    Snap Swap
    Double Swap
    Ambitious to the End
    Ambitious Stranger

    Chapter five has some nice Ace’s routines, like “The Atomic Aces” a excellent version of McDonald Ace’s. “Invisible Card in Cigarette” is another excellent effect I seen Derren Brown’s version of this effect excellently performed.

    CHAPTER SIX:Down & Dirty Deals
    A Double Prediction
    Australian Self-help
    Chance & Choice

    CHAPTER SEVEN:Welcome Correspondences
    Returned to the Nest
    Brownwaves I
    Buried Treasure I
    The Memphis Matchmaker
    The Right Place, the Right Time
    The Book of Fortunes

    CHAPTER EIGHT:Where It’s At
    Buried Treasure II
    Hair Cut
    Calcolate X2
    Rough Tracker
    Card Hopper
    Penny Plain
    The Clock Runs Down
    Mathematics & Mentalism

    CHAPTER NINE:No Gamble
    Misogynist’s Monte
    The Bridge Builder
    Just Lucky
    Aces Up
    Pierce Arrow
    Four Flusher
    A Strange Story

    Chapter Six, Seven, Eight, & Nine are Mentalism & Gambling effects, again there are some excellent effects in these Chapters.

    This volume contains over 110 original Elmsley tricks & Sleights, plus a ground-breaking essay by Mr Elmsley on presentation, psychology & misdirection. Which appears here in its entirety for the first time. Welcome to the secret world of Alex Elmsley, creator of some of the most outstanding magic of the twentieth century.

    Most of today’s magicians will find this book an excellent read, as well as learning some excellent Magic. Mr Elmsley is a very clever creator as you’ll found out when reading his work, I always find myself reading this book over & over again. Most of Mr Elmsley work does not use gimmicks, & the one’s that do Mr Elmsley goes over every last detail so in some cases you can end clean. There are many gems in this book, that I know magicians will use as part of there routines. This is magic of the highest calibre from one of the greatest minds in close-up magic.

    An easy 10/10.
  2. Oh dude, you have the Elmsley books! Jealous! @.@
  3. Not what I'd call "indepth review", its more like comments about table of contents, but then again, every review of this book will seem to be like that.

    An indepth review will take months to do. :D

    The book is gold.

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