The Complete Artifice Collection “Ellusionist”

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  1. Hello all,

    Artifice decks have had a great run... but are now there discontinued. For Ellusionist, Artifice was their flagship deck. Now they are selling their last batch of blue decks and then they are done.

    Although they’re all still available on eBay and card dealers, in a couple of years they be hard to find.

    Metal Card Case
    Gold “Black Club”
    Black Club
    Red (limited)
    Red mini
    Blue (first edition)
    Blue (v2)
    Blue min
    Tundra (white)
    Tundra mini
    Green mini
    Purple mini
    Gaff Deck
    Angle Z gaff deck
  2. Complete collection

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  3. I have :
    Gold “Black Club”
    Blue (first edition) ?
    Blue (v2) ? (I don't know which one I have between the Blue v1 and blue v2 how can I know ?)
    Tundra (white)
  4. Blue v1 has no white border.
  5. Nice collection. I always like the understated elegance of the Artifice decks, especially the version 1 decks without the border. Maybe it is time to put some of my red decks on eBay.
  6. How many do you have? They are going for about $100
  7. Six or seven. I don't remember. They are buried in a box, in another box in a plastic tub in a closet.
  8. I just have three red Artifices decks and ones open
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  9. why did they discontinue them they are so popular
  10. Which ones? The red ones? Those were meant to be limited from the get-go.

    The rest of the designs were discontinued for the simple reason that we have too much stuff in our warehouse.
  11. so they had new designs they wanted to try or too many artifice decks?
  12. Gold was always meant to be the end of that line.

    I meant products in the warehouse in general.
  13. Has everyone forgotten about these decks yet?
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  14. I’m new at all this but I just got a Blue v2 deck. This will be another thing that appeals to me because I love collecting and I’m already all about it. My first three decks are this one, Keeper Blue and Arcane.
    Also have some T11 Monarchs and Unions in route.
  15. And I'm the idiot that ONLY has the Gaff deck.. lol
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  16. Highly likely. :eek:
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  17. After just several days with the Artifice Blue deck, these feel fantastic.
    Also, I’m finding already that I like cards with borders on the backs. I have a deck of Black Ghost and Arcanes, and I will still collect those kinds of decks because I do like the art on them, but they don’t seem to look as cool when handling cards.

    I’m new though so.....?
  18. Decks are a matter of personal preference. I like the looks of the Artifice without the borders.

    Having a border makes it easier to disguise some sleights. I've got a variety of decks for collection and fun. For performances, I'll use typical Bicycle Rider Back.
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