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  1. I have finally completed my Monarch Collection, with my most recent purchase of the “Eleven Madison Park” sliver special addition.

    Anyone else have the complete collection ?

    P.S. I am not counting the pre-releases off color addition that was mostly destroyed. I have no hope for that deck.

    I will post pictures... when I figure out how to size them down from an iPhone photo.
  2. Here are the pictures

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  3. Not bad!

    // L
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  4. Whoa

    You got the 11Madisons?!?

    Can I ask how much they costed you?

    Pm if you feel that’s appropriate
  5. Wow

    I would LOVE to own this (as I’m sure others would) - more than Jerry’s Nuggets - it would certainly complete my own collection
  6. What are the 11 Madisons and is there a wiki or summary page somewhere on the different Monarchs for those of us that haven't been collecting as long? Thanks!
  7. The Eleven Madison’s were a special deck released for the restaurant of the same name

    Search the forum

    I know Lyle has posted about this numerous times
  8. I did try searching "11 madisons" and no results returned... That is why I was asking...
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  9. Search: Monarch Eleven Madison Park
  10. Work in progress.

    // L
  11. The deck is not called "11 madisons". This is a Monarch deck created for a restaurant called Eleven Madison Park. A better search would be "Eleven Madison Park Monarchs".

    // L
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  12. $400
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  13. Lol - you must’ve been the seller?
  14. Fantastic!

    For me I have the collection except for the Eleven Maddison Park. Some day... Some day....

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  15. Impressive collection and I in no mean am trying to bash it, but are there not V1s and V2s of some of the colorways?

    I only ask because I am hunting to collect them all myself.
  16. Yes, of course. What is displayed are only the v1 of each deck. The white gold and the red there was two main production of. But I entend to get this framed and there is not enough difference in the v1 and v2 to display both of them.
  17. Appreciate the feedback, trying to learn as much about them as I can. I have a deck of the white gold v2s, looking at snagging some v1s eventually. If you have any spare v1s laying around dont hesitate to contact me :)

    Two more questions, how many versions of the blue decks are there? And which version is in the big blue pack in the center?
  18. Man, I spent at least 2 hours scouring the web for an unboxing of the EMP Monarchs. Nothing. Although, by reading some restaurant reviews I was able to pick up on what they were using them for and it’s just yet another thing that’s setting them apart from the rest of the world.

    For a price covering your whole meal, the server(s) incorporated some card magic into your meal. Then, you would get the deck as a gift. What an awesome idea. I’m dying to see them unboxed!
  19. Okay Gentlemen, there is a EMP Monarch deck for sale on eBay. Currently for $250.00 good luck!
  20. So that deck sold for... $480.00.

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