Jan 31, 2018
I've beeb reading the first volume of The Complete Walton, and I have to say that the book is filled with tricks. There are seeral tricks that I do like, and several tricks that I will most probably never do in my life. The book is too long for me to go trick by trick, so could someone pinpoint some of the good tricks in the book?
What I'm searching for is something that's not too complicated, won't require props, gimmicks etc, preferably very little setup, although I'm not too strong about that, and no false deals since I can't do them and haven't any want to.
(As a side question, do you think learning second or bottom dealing would mean something for someone like me on the long run? And if so, where's the best place to learn from?)
Sep 10, 2017
I dont have the walton series, but on your 2nd question, yes it would. In my opinion, the bottom deal is the most flexible move in magic, after the double lift. Unlike something like the 2nd deal that doesnt have much applications, the possibilities with the BD are endless. One of the best sources for learning it is Jason England's video on the move here at t11.
Though if you are serious about it you can check jean maze's work on it and revolutionary card magic by ed marlo, eatct, and probably daniel madison's work as well(dont criticize me on the last one, folks). But for starting, Jason England's video is the best place.


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Nov 1, 2009
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The book is too long for me to go trick by trick, so could someone pinpoint some of the good tricks in the book?)

My recommendation is that you put in the effort to read the book trick by trick. You will find effects that work for you which may not work for other people. If we give you recommendations, those are the effects that work for us... and they might not necessarily work for you. The worst case scenario is you spend a lot of time accumulating a lot of knowledge that you can use in the future to develop effects or use to adapt other effects. Don't take the easy way out. Put in the effort. It will be worth it.
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