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  1. The Con by Lloyd Barnes

    Coin Magic | Easy | Download | £3.50/$5.50 | 8 minutes | The Con-Lloyd Barnes

    A small object is vanished from the hands.... display your wallet, showing an empty license window... Visually, the object appears within the window of the wallet and tipped into the hands of the spectator.

    The breakdown?​

    I have to applaud Lloyd for 'The Con', because I really, really like this!

    Everything is absolutely correct [about the ad statements]: It's completely self-contained, which I really love about the effect, because it has that organic feel to it. It's perfect for walk-around, which is another aspect of the trick I enjoy and lastly, it's darn right visual!

    The '' has always been a signature piece in my repertoire and thanks of Lloyd I now have a ''!

    The method is very ingenious! It's one of those, "awwwwwe, why didn't I think of that." Very clever and the gimmick will only take you about 2 minutes to construct! Another great thing I really enjoyed is this will work with ANY wallet, as long as it has a license window! The gimmick will last a LONG time and you can switch the gimmick from your old wallet to a new wallet.

    The video itself was good and Lloyd's teaching was likewise, as well-And also includes multiple handlings and bonus ideas!

    Since your wallet is a personal item, there's no need to have the spectator's examine yet, but after all it is 'their' coin that goes to the wallet!

    The verdict?​

    For just under $6, you would have to be crazy not to pick this up-It's great, it's different and something that I had a blast performing!

    After reading my review, you'll have no doubt that I will say- Recommended!
  2. I forgot to add, if you have a month's experience of coin magic, you should be able to do this within minutes! And like I said in my review, 'EASY'!
  3. It looks cool, but one thing that upsets me is he calls it "beginner" level. A good coin vanish (even if it's simple) is definately not beginner. With that said, he doesn't seem to be a very good coin magician.

    One more thing is, I don't get it. Why is the wallet there? What's the reason or motivation? Does it make sense? It seems to me to be more like a puzzle or a bar bet, having strict conditions, it has to be a wallet, ect. (Hey tom, I bet I can make this coin appear in my wallet! Would you buy me a beer then? hehehaha hooo)

    just my opinion, however.
  4. Ummm... He makes a coin transport back to his wallet... Wallets are made to hold money... That, in my opinion, would be considered a logical enough reason for the effect to go that way.

    Many classics in magic are a lot less logical than this, rings appearing on keychains, balls penetrating tubes, eggs appearing in bags, so why hit on LB's effect for being illogical when it actually is, very much so...

    I like the effect, it's a good use of classic technology.


  5. Hey,

    In response to you, I feel a coin vanish is probably the first thing a beginner should learn in coin magic. For the video, I did the most simple basic coin vanish that I do, to show that anyone can do it. A false transfer can be found in the early pages of any coin magic book out there.

    Infact, I was with a friend of mine at a bar last Friday night, showing him some stuff and he asked me to teach him anything, he's never done magic in his life. I taught him a false transfer. After 5 minutes I told him he had it down, he went and did it to the bar maid and scored a free drink. So I can safely say that is below beginner left, absolute first timer to magic level.

    I'm no Ponta, Liwag or Ogawa but I was performing with a UK 10p, which is a small coin and to make anything look good with these is a nightmare.

    On to motivation, if i really have to. Don't you feel it's self explanatory? Why do magicians do card to wallet? and why is a coin to wallet so different to that? A typical example, is to have a coin removed from the wallet and have it visually transposed back. I think the motivation is more than self explanatory. If you can't see the reasoning behind this, then I'd love to hear your views on motivation for TnRs.

    Not trying to shoot you down man, and opinions are opinions, these are just mine.

    Anyhow, thanks to everyone who has bought this, it's close to becoming a best seller over at DisturbReality.

    Liam Montier purchased this and a number of others and I'll link to their reviews that they've posted shortly. Also, Jeff Prace has a review in this forum for anyone who wants a read.

    Cheers for your input Will, i hope i don't come across as patronizing. Thanks for your thoughts, as always they are taken on board.


  6. I thought I link Jeff Prace's (creator of GUM) review for Lloyd Barne's, 'The Con'-->

    Also, following up with what Dee said, yes it's logical! As said beforehand, wallets are used to carry money-so a coin visually appearing inside a wallet has perfect motivation.
  7. Sorry for sounding harsh! I had just finished studying Latin when I wrote that, my brain was fried! Now I get it. It seems I had completely forgotten that wallets hold money.

    Excuse my mistake. :D

    I can't believe that just happened.

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