The Daniel Garcia Projects

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  1. I have all 3 volumes and i recomend all 3 of them.
    They are the best.

    Loaded with stuff you'll use i promise.
    Its fun to watch
    Easy to Learn
    Garcia is the coolest and funniest (and Houchin)
    and You'll have a very good time performing the effects.

    One effect "satisfaction Guaranteed" has been a reputation maker for me at school. I performed it for the school's facilty, and a group of about 8 people yesterday and it was great. they give standing ovations =].

    if you dont have them and your looking for new very cool good effects then I recomend the Garcia Projects.
  2. Absolutly no point to this thread unless if it's in the review section.:)
  3. yeah lol, out of nowhere....
    NO POINT lol
    but yeah the dg project are DA'bomb
  4. Where can i buy them?
  5. is where i saw them.
  6. RIght here
  7. So I was looking through the Garcia Projects volumes and I really like 1 and 2, but I can't get both. Any suggestions from those who already have it? Which one would be better to get: volume 1, or volume 2?
  8. crapload of gimmicks though
  10. *cringes* You make it sound like the use of gimmicks are faux pas. Gimmicks are wonderful! And the way they are used in The DGP are amazing. So many people on my campus smoke, so the effect "Third Degree" is perfect.

    As for Satisfaction Guaranteed, it's amazing! One of my favorite effects. Easy to do and hits hard.

    The ONLY downside to the DGP is one effect, Scatter. It is supposed to come with the PDF of the trick on the DVD, and a good bit of them shipped without it, so you would have to go searching elsewhere for it or ask a good buddy who has the PDF to send it to you.

  11. The DG dvd's are on E now by the way
  12. Daniel Garcia stated he will release DGP 4 sometime this year. So watch out for that one.
  13. Yeah, there are a number of them that use gimmicks, which I didn't know of until I got DGP.

    Another thing I didn't like was the teaching angles. Sure, it looks as if you're sitting right in front of Daniel but sometimes I had to rewind to clearly see some of the moves.

    Other than that, the tricks are good I guess. Hoping to see some improvements if there's a DGP4 or whatever his next DVD is called.

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