The Devils Picture Book

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by Seawood, Jul 16, 2010.

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  1. Does anyone know where i can get hold of Derren Browns 'The Devils Picture Book' i cant find it anywhere.
    i would love any information about where or how i could get it
    Thanks for your time
  2. Derren sells it on his website although the last time I looked the site was being revised
  3. Funny, I was just demoing one or two sleights and effects from here an hour or two ago. The new website has been launched. Go to the magician's section of the website, where you can order The Devil's Picturebook.
  4. Ive been so lookin forward to getting this. I heard the stuff is hard but well worth it.
  5. There are several sleights that are mentioned only in passing. A good working knowledge of card magic is helpful for the conjuring DVD. The psychological DVD is much harder to perform, but in my opinion represents an easier disc technically speaking.
  6. Missed the point of these forums much.
  7. Pity you can't download intelligence or ability as easily.
  8. I wish there was a "like" button on Theory 11.
  9. you must be an idiot to pay for something that you can get for free....might as well go pay for the oxygen you breathe everyday lol.....losers
  10. What a cool guy. Do us a favor and leave these forums. You have no respect for an art that we cherish. Might as well go pay for a hooker because your life is gonna be pretty lonely if you steal all the time and then one day some pretty man named Bob will befriend you in jail.

    Sorry T11 - I don't like bashing but he just told a guy to go steal a dvd from a hard working man. Again, I'm sorry for the bashing but it felt necessary.
  11. Hmm, yeah, I might as well go and rob a convenience store as well, since doing that's free...

    I might as well go stab someone on the street and take their wallet, since that's free as well...

  12. Ever paid for a bottle of water?

    You make me laugh.
  13. Innapropriate comments were just here... Sorry. EDITED
  14. so all you morons are telling me u've never downloaded anything in ur life? get real....hypocrites
  15. You should probably start using proper grammar because this kind of writing is not helping your point.

    And no, they have downloaded stuff. When the thing in question did not have to be paid for.
  16. exactly....the thing I downloaded did not have to be paid for....haha
  17. Again, you're very good at making me laugh. Your logic is as bad as your grammar.

    According to your post, there is nothing wrong with a shoplifter stealing because he has done it before. There is nothing wrong with cheating because someone, somewhere, has done it before.

    Also, according to your logic: I have assaulted someone. Therefore, I should not criticise you for doing the same.

    False - assaulting someone is wrong, whether or not it has been done before. The fact that I may have assaulted someone in the past does not make my criticism any less legitimate.

    I'll make it simpler for you. How about: I have made a mistake before. Therefore, I should not criticise you for the same mistake.

    All false, of course. Your logic is like swiss cheese.

    Me: 3
    You: 0
  18. And me .5!

  19. Just thought Id put in my two pence about the muppet that thinks its ok to steal off performers.

    I know that downloading from torrent websites is all well and good, but you are making the performer lose out on money by putting it on there and then more money for all the people that download it off the website like yourself.

    Imagine youve created something wonderful and your selling it for £100. Then someone comes into your shop and takes one of the products, works out how it was made and decides to give away your product for free. Your missing out on thousands of pounds because you arent being paid for the real deal.

    Piracy is just wrong mate, and please stop or at least stop bragging about it on Theory11 forums, or I will kindly ask the Admins to nullify your account.

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