The Devils Picture Book

Sep 12, 2007
Edinburgh, Scotland
The title sums it up. What do you guys think. Should i get The Devis Picture Book? I would like to know how difficult it is, how much knolage i should know and if you think it is worth the money? Please respond.

Sep 1, 2007
Leicester, UK
Here's a review I wrote of it.

In my opinion it's definitely worth the money because you not only get to see Derren perform some cool card magic, but you get to learn some awesome psychological/pseudo-psychological card magic.

If you have a decent grip on card sleights you should be fine. Ones that you might want to know are:

The Pass (although it can be substituted for a double undercut)
Hugard Top Palm
Lateral Palm
Second Deal
Bottom Deal

If you're into some classic at the table card magic and even some stuff you could use in restaurants. I'd say get it. If you're into Derren's psychological stuff, get it. You'll have a nice insight into his kind of thought process.

Not only are the tricks pretty frickin' cool, but a lot of them will help you in other areas of your card magic and get you thinking. His misdirection is absolutely incredible and when you start performing some of this stuff if you weren't before, you'll be more confident with your own misdirection skill. :)

In my opinion, I'd say get it if you like his style. Don't get it if you're looking for a load of crazy mentalism that you see Derren do nowadays.

If you like the idea of being able to psychologically influence someone towards a certain card this might be for you. And if you like the idea of Extreme Mental Effort (See review) get it... get it now. :p

- Sean
Nov 20, 2007
Sydney, Australia
Some of the effects require gimmicks, most do not. The ones that do are:

3 Card Routine (You can get around it with a little thought, the gimmick is only required for one phase of the routine)
Smoke (Unavoidable)
Extreme Mental Effort (Unavoidable)

Also, when you say plain deck... two effects also require a little bit of setup:

Smoke (Need to do a little bit of work beforehand on something, but it's worth it and not too hard)
Out of This World (Can be done in front of the spectator, and is taught)

They're all amazing effects though I agree with Sean's review, and I haven't regretted the purchase at all, I love it...

Hope this helps.
Sep 24, 2007
I thought that Derren taught a gimmickless version of Smoke on the video. No?
I personally would rather save up a years worth of money and get pure effect though.
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