The D'Hotel Change

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by mini magician, Oct 3, 2009.

  1. Hey Guys

    Here is a quick little video of the rarely seen, rarely used, D'Hotel Change

    Please enjoy.

    Would love to hear what everyone thinks:D

    Take a buzz around my profile if you like aswell:p

  2. I saw this change at the Joshua Jay Bluff Shift Bundle and planning to pick up soon. I gotta say, impressive change!
  3. That was WonDErfUll dude i really liked it cool stuff!
  4. Very cool, very well performed as well!
  5. Yeah very cool.
  6. Very nice. Wish I could see it more clearly (kinda blurry), but your moves are definitely smooth as far as I can see. Nice job!

    I like that you use something a bit more rare, too.
  7. Thanks Dude! Sorry about it being blurry its recorded straight to youtube from a webcam.

    And im trying to bring the different things that people rarely see in my videos. Instead of seeing my version of Tivo or something.

  8. smooth as butter my friend. what book is that in?
  9. Wow never saw that change before, That was awesome.
  10. "Rare" sounds a little fishy/coincidental, since it came out only days ago in Joshua Jay's Bluff Shifts ;)

    Regardless, it was performed nicely - I wananananananan that download too!

  11. Baha It is kinda like that aint it haha but there are still plenty of people that havent seen this:D


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