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  1. One of the most famous uses of sleight of hand is the double lift, but there are several ways to use it. Can you explain what is the best way to use it during performance where it can easily be executed.
  2. Best is too broad of a term, personally I use it for several tricks, it is just a utility, you need to find out how to use it in the context of a trick.
  3. I understand that, I'm asking a way to do a double lift, whether you riffle the deck and leave a pinky break, or do a pinky count. As well as which one looks well exectued during performance whether the ambitious card trick or any other card trick
  4. Personally I do the pinky count, I like it, though I know professional magicians who just do a well timed riffle.
  5. You can do it pretty much however you want as long as it's smooth and natural.
  6. People can be equally successful with any method, as long as they practice sufficiently. That being said, my two favorites are the push off double or the strike double.
  7. i use a push off double lift but i used to do a riffle . i think its a matter of personal prefrence for what kind of you use . just find the one that suits your style of performence .
  8. Your personal preference and performance style is going to play a huge part in which double turnover you deem to be the best. For instance, if you like to blend Cardistry and Card Tricks when you perform you could probably get away with a flourished based double turnover. If a more natural approach better fits your style, then you could mimic Dai Vernon's double turnover or you could even execute a double lift, not turnover, if you are looking for a more raw and unrefined style. Yes, although the terms are used interchangeably, there is a difference between a double lift and a double turnover. All of this said, you are not going to find any oppositions as long as there are no contradictions between the choreography of the routine and the method of the double turnover. However, there is still going to be some arguments over the get-ready for the turnover and the get-ready for the re-turnover. Security and consistency are the things that you should be looking for when trying to find the get-ready action that works best for you. The push-off double turnover is great, but it also takes more time to master than the pinky count. Right now I'm going to recommend to you the get-ready action that's described in the book "Expert Card Technique." Practice the choreography of this get-ready action so that it appears natural and unpracticed. Reasoning for this extra practice is that if you're going to get caught it's going to be before or after the turnover. Certain safeguards are built into the display of the double and the motion of the turnover, but if the audience (especially another magician) notices that you pushover or count off multiple cards then mere speculation is enough to destroy the illusion of a well practiced double turnover. Speaking of practice, don't limit your practice sessions to just one method; practice all of them, and practice them gradually. The last piece of advice that I'll offer right now is to study. Read and re-read the classics that mention double lifts and turnovers, and just try to be well versed in the sleight. Apologies in advance if anything that I've written doesn't read clearly.
    C. Braxton
  9. The best way to turn over a double lift is identical to the way you turn over a single card. A huge mistake a lot of us make is making our double lifts look WAY DIFFERENT than our single lifts. When I watch a good magician execute a double, I should not be able to tell the difference between their double lift and their single lift.

    There are two ways to achieve this.

    1. Learn how to perform your DL the same way you would turn over a single card.


    2. Start turning over single card to match the way you turn over your DL

    :) hope this helps!
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  10. Great advice, haha but sidenote.... I totally read yuour name as "Eric Bishoff" and I though "since when does the former WCW CEO do magic?" lol
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  11. Yes, this is very accurate. I have in fact started doing a picky count and push off for single lifts :p gotta have consistency.
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  12. The intention of the DL is to make the spectator believe the card they have seen is either in their hand, or in a location they believe it to be. How you use it is completely up to you. This is where imagination comes in.

    The best way to do a DL, is the best way YOU can do a DL.
    Hope this helps,

  13. Loool, when I was a kid I went in the wwf chat room under my name and people thought I was posing as Eric bishoff and were hatin'. That was the last time someone made that connection
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  14. Hi CJK,

    So as a lot of the previous comments stated, there are a lot of ways to do the double lift, and you have the right idea, it is a really powerful sleight of hand. All I can add is my opinion, and so my personal favourite ways to do the double lift are the 2-card pushover, and the push-off method. These two are my personal favourite. I actually have made up a guide on how to do them on my website if you were interested.

    Hope this helped.
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