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    This is the hot product this week. They are selling like crazy out of my online store? Does anyone else have one that can do a un-biased review?

    Dragon Video Clip & Info
  2. Why would we want a biased review?
  3. LOL. Nice, Michael, nice.
  4. I do hope you mean unbiased.
  5. The Dragon

    I did... My mistake :)
  6. The Dragon by Jason Ring review *bias free

    Howdy fellow Magi, I have decided to post a review of the dragon despite the fact that a part of me wants to keep the amazing device all to myself because it's that good!

    I am shocked at how many people are overlooking the Dragon. It is so much better than the Gecko (in my opinion and preference) and half the price, plus, you can blow an object up before vanishing it! sick! The explosion is seriously really loud and you will definitely scare the crap out of people. So, you blow an object up in your hands and show your hands completely empty of any explosive device, then there is no evidence of the item you blew up because it's gonzo!

    I also love the elasticity of the pull, it can stretch much farther than the Gecko with much less physical effort, so concealing the device is much easier and natural and retraction is much swifter. I also love how the Dragon can sit on your hand so covertly (like the Raven). And I love how easy it is to set off the bang mechanism with the ingeniously created device and then release the device into the void or 'the astral realms'.

    The initial set-up of the device can take some time (because you want to make sure it's in the right spot before knotting) to get the device custom to your body with tying simple knots, after that, setup on your clothing is very easy. I think that if anyone saw the gimmick they would be shocked at how complex it looks, yet simple to use.

    It takes an hour or two practice to get used to exploding and vanishing and have everything flow naturally.

    This device is very creative and you can use it to enhance many other magical effects that require vanishing or explosions or both.

    If you like the Raven then you will love this because it does everything the Raven does but with a far wider range of possibilities of items to vanish and then the fiery explosive power of the mighty mystical dragon.
    If these magical qualities interest you then I will suggest investing in this product. Good work Jason!

    Rating 10/10
  7. Where does the 'explosion' come from?

    Everything has a source- Every action, has an equal and opposite reaction. If you vanish an object, and then make that exploding noise, what in the bloody F* was that for? It'll just overly emphasise that you have a device rigged on your body. Think of it this way.

    You vanish an object.


    Immediately after, you make an exploding noise. (Time differencial: Mili seconds)

    Show your hands empty.

    What's gonna run through the spectators minds?

    "What was that sound? that scared the S* outta me.. But where's the (OBJECT) ? "


    Forgot to mention, it looks very iffy in the trailer. conspicuous Jerky movement there. highly unnoticeable from a spec's point of view of course. Just being picky bout little things. Good vanish.
  8. Hey, You vanish an object from your left hand, but then the audience thinks it is palmed in your right hand, so then you proceed to explode the object (with your mental powers or whatever effect you want to produce) that is palmed in your right hand. After the explosion you turn your hand over to show that the object has completely disappeared along with any trace of a device or gunpowder as your hand is clean and not harmed or burned or blackened with smoke or anything else in any way. That's a magical effect...not to mention the loud explosion that will scare anyone no matter what.

    The explosion comes from a small device that you use (and I'm not going to give away Jason's secrets on how to make a loud explosion) remains hidden from the spectators. Keep in mind that the effect is not 100% angle proof though, but close.

    The effect is explode then disappear. Jason has added videos to his website for setup of the dragon and other stuff which helps.

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    The Dragon - By Jason Ring

    From a spectators point of view just by simply being a Magician puts you in the realm of the supernatural. Now it's your performance and how you market yourself at that moment mixed with your level of talent that places you as being a dud or seemingly possessing this supernatural talent. You can say: WTF is the explosion for all day long? But if you can lead your spectators to believe that you are capable of anything including vanishing objects, a mini explosion from your hands is just icing on the cake. Of course this is not a trick that you open with...

    Now to answer your question where is the object? You can lead them to believe it has been vaporized or if you wear a topit you can remove the object from your jacket pocket.

    So recap: Have them hold an object vanish it from their hands (explode if you wish) and immeadiately pull it from your suit/sportcoat pocket.

    If you think about it: Smoke filled explosions have been on stage for 70+ years. I felt it was about time that this reached the streets. And trust me once you master your presentation and incorporate this effect in your routine, expect applause...

    - My Thoughts
  10. I bet Nexus Magic is associated with this 2 posts Ashtar guy. Hmmm..I guess it really is biased.

    I don't know it really looks to me that its going up your sleeve or your up to something. I tried to look at it from a spectators POV but still looks fishy.
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    The Dragon - By Jason Ring

    Truth, I support the product I support a lot of products. But I am not affiliated with Ashtar at all. His comments are his opinions. I try to only carry products in my store that I feel are good products. Granted there is a couple I carry that I would rather not. But that is because I have a relationship with certain creators that prefer I carry all of their products. The dragon is a great alternative to whats out there, that I believe. As more people review and get comfortable with it's use they will give their reviews. It's still wide open for anyone else to review: Good or Bad

    This thread is asking anyone to review the product who actually has purchased a Dragon. An opinion on the quality of the product through watching the video demo or performance in the video demo, See the youtube comment section.

    I just opened this account and many other accounts on multiple magic forums. As I just opened my store and I am not about to jeopardize my relationship with you fellow magicians on this site or any other by posing as someone else to support one product. I have hundreds of products to support. Truth, I only took a defensive stance on the dragon because of what happened politically behind the scenes. Which is another story.

    I am a magician turned store owner, and I love magic and everything around it. I know I am the new guy on the block in here, but I have been involved in the magic world on the outside for many years. I will support many more products that are introduced to my store. And I expect some will agree with my opinions and others will not. But all in all whether we agree or not I will remain a friend to you all. And I will continue to provide excelent service to my clients for as long as I am in business.

    - My Thoughts
  12. I don't know if an answer will give too much secret away.

    I'm just wondering, is the explosion effect limited?
    And if it is, is it possible to buy them at a local chain store for an inexpensive price?
  13. There is refills, and they are very inexpensive and available in most locations.
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    Two New Dragon Routines released

    Anyone who has purchased the Dragon has the web-link in the instructions. This has been updated and the web-link also has these two new routines... Also, any additional routines that you have created can be submitted to this forum. Jason will add them to the Dragon website with your name as creator.


    1) Have someone draw a little cartoon bomb on a napkin or piece of paper. Take the piece of paper and wad it up into a ball. Place it on the hand of the spectator. Amaze everyone as you vanish the cartoon bomb and explode it! Bam!

    2) Someone is about to finish a cigarette. Ask them if they knew that it was possible to turn a cigarette into a firecracker? How is that they ask? Borrow the finished cigarette, and rip off the end of the filter. Use the filter part and explain that with a little magic the filter can become a firecracker! Vanish and explode it. Bang! Stunned audience!

    Mix whatever story you want and use your creativity while exploring the possbilities of The Dragon!
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    I think this is a great idea, I was working on something similar a while back for the gecko. I have had the gecko since it came out. I prefer hold-outs to these sort of devices, but in the summer time the sleeves have to come off. Then I get alot of use out of them. I just placed an order at nexus shop and after I have had enough time to get comfortable with this I will give a solid review of it.

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