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    I've heard that The Encyclopedia of Playing Card Flourishes by Jerry Cestowski is almost a Bible of sorts to flourisher's. The problem is, the email address on ( appears to be broken or something, as everytime I email it, I get:

    This message was created automatically by mail delivery software.
    A message that you sent has not yet been delivered to one or more of its recipients after more than 72 hours on the queue on

    I guess my question is, is there any other way to get the book (I need to email for a shipping quote, so I can't just buy it)? It it worth trying so much to obtain? Or has anyone else not from the USA purchased this book that can tell me how they did it without a shipping quote? Did you just buy it and ask via paypal?
  2. i would suggest that your contact Jerry first for a quote .. because the payment on paypal is the price of the book and the shipping together.. the only other way to contact him would be to create an account on Handlordz and find Jerry's account and send him a pm. hope that helps you out.
  3. Or mention it to him during his "Flashcards" show, every Wednesday at 3:00PM to 5:00 PM Western Time (California time).

  4. c3rebus has it right you should really just get a account, Jerry seems to chime in and check the posts quite often, you're going to get an awesome book dude :D

    you could always just paypal him and tack on an extra 15 bucks or so and make a note "for shipping to austrailia", if he has a problem with it, he can email you back from your paypal address.

    when I ordered the companion DVDs I didn't email him or anything, just paypal'd the payment, and within a day or two I had an email from him saying thanks, so that email address definitely does work.
  5. i completely forgot about Flashcards ... must be because i havent heard it in about half a year or more... but yeah that is another option... thanx Vinnie :)
  6. Sure thing. :)

  7. I just considered that my emails may be being mistaken for spam and ignored by AOL. I'll try using another account, I'll also try superhandz, I didn't think of that, thanks!

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