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  1. So I just started to do Cardistry. I saw some of Andrei Jikh and Zach Mueller's video and so I just picked up a deck of cards and now I cant stop! I really want to take this on and so I was wondering what would you say is the essential basics of cardistry that I should learn first?
  2. Charlier cuts, fans, go on the wire to find some easy but good looking 2 handed cuts and the card spring.
  3. 2 handed cuts are not at all where you should be starting out in cardistry. I recommend looking at Andrei Jikh's Genesis V1 DVD and Jerry's Encyclopedia of Card Flourishes. You really need to get your one handed cuts down before you can move forward in cardistry. Otherwise, you'll find yourself skipping cuts because you can't do one of the prerequisites. All of the revolution cuts, scissor cuts, charliers, thumb cuts, L-cuts, all of them will help you out so much. Seriously, getting these moves down will make just about any other two handed cut significantly easier.
  4. Agreed^ :D
  5. as well as all that Patrick mentioned try learn the spring and thumb fan too, if its something your definately going to stick with for a while then definately get genesis by Andrei Jikh, bit pricey but definately worth it, good luck :)
  6. Thank you so much this really helped!
  7. The best resource I can recommend, for its thoroughness and quantity of moves, is Xtreme Beginnerz Vol 1. by De'vo. I've heard good things about Genesis, but haven't seen it.


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