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  1. Just wanted to give everyone the heads up:

    Homer Liwag presents a new 1-on-1 training video teaching one of magic's most elemental moves - The Faro Shuffle - and an underground move unveiled now after 25 years - the Filipino False Faro.

    FFF is a false shuffle that retains the complete order of the deck. See full detail on the inner workings and mechanics of each - and even a quick trick using the FFF in application.

    Preview Video + Full Details ::
  2. Cool looking foward to buying this.
  3. Looks good to me.
  4. Hmm, had I not spent all my money on True Astonishments I would probably get this. It sounds great! :)
  5. I love the Faro Shuffle and I practice it often. Should be great to get instruction from someone like Homer.
  6. Looks great and something that I will check out.
  7. i think I figured part of it out. I will still get it though so I can get the actual way and tips on how to do it.

    edit: 1400th post :D
  8. I understand that not all moves are clean enough to be shown in their entirety, but a false faro shuffle sounds like something I'd REALLY be interested in and I'd like to see a little more than just three clips of the cards bridging together (or not, rather). The shuffle might look great at that particular moment but there could be something awkward or fishy about the get-ready that takes away from it, and I wouldn't like to find that out AFTER the purchase.
  9. Now that's a natural looking shuffle.
  10. Looks pretty good. I've seen better false shuffles though.
  11. Wow. That looks pretty damn convincing to me. Something I might pick up.
  12. I remember the days when I couldn't faro.:rolleyes: Now I do it in my sleep and wonder how the heck I found it hard. Dig the false shuffle. Looks pretty awesome. However, I am sad. :( Why? I'm sad because I have been working on a false faro shuffle for some time now and had some ideas too! Of course Homer did it before me. Figures.... Figures.....

  13. Like I said, I think nearly every card magician has played with the idea.

  14. This is underground? I've known about that false shuffle about 2 years. I had no idea it was credited to him.
  15. Ive known this idea for a while now. I did not know its credited to Homer.
  16. I'm glad I bought this, very good false shuffle :)
  17. Am I the only one that noticed he is using WHITE Props?
  18. yeah because they are normal props. they aren't white at all.
  19. White propaganda cards? Never seen or heard of them.:confused:

  20. thats because they dont exist to any one knowledge

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