The Faro Shuffle

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  1. Well, I have had this control floating in my head for quite sometime and I have decided that it is time for me to take the time to learn it. Which brings me to my question: what is the best sources to learn from? I know that Homer Liwag has a 1 on 1 about this, is it any good? Is there some other source that I failed to notice?

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  2. The faro is my favortie sleight because of the huge amount of applications it has. There are many great sources out there but there is one that stands out, at least for me.

    Marlos RCT (Revolutionary Card Technique). In this book there is the Faro chapter and Faro notes and was the main reason why I got the book.

    Its very detailed on diffrent variations of the faro for in the hands or on the table, faro caculations, controls, checks, automatic placment, foolers etc. Trust me just endless information in the book.

    If you need a more visual aid like a dvd I recommend to you Allan Ackermans Card Control Series Vol #6 which covers only the faro. Ackerman was a student of Marlos so he actually goes over quite a few things from RCT and teaches a few tricks with the faro.

    Michael close has a downloadable PDF on the Faro shuffle. I have heard good things about it but cant confirm if it is or not.

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  3. UncleMings recommendations are great. RCT is a classic. Marlo has done a hell of a lot work on the faro. Ackerman also don´t only teach the faro, he explains and shows the practical use of it on his DVD. is also good, but a bit pricy. It´s the one I learned the faro from and it worked for me. I´m a fan of Michael Close and his stuff is great.

    Other viable resources are Card College 3 which has some good descriptions of the faro and its applications, and ECT for the mathematical workings of the faro.
    I´ve seen some other very deep essays about the mathematical background of a faro, but I think they´re not very practical for a magician.
  4. Is it in Michael Close's Complete Worker's eBook???
  5. Expert Card Technique is another one with information on the faro shuffle. It has a whole chapter dedicated to the mathematical principals, stocks, and tricks with the faro shuffle.


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