The flourishers deck!

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  1. Thought you cardistry guys might like this :) - Flourishers is a deck of cards, but not a deck of playing cards. You can't play card games with them and you can't do a "pick a card, any card" magic trick with them either. That's because Flourishers is a deck of cards with no faces, numbers, court cards, or aces. Flourishers is a double backed deck of cards; there is a simplistic yet elegant back design that is on both sides of the cards, but in two contrasting colours. One side is a brilliant royal blue, while the other is a strong vibrant orange. You will be able to do all your favourite flourishes with these, and you'll definitely be able to create some new ones that play to the strengths of the double backed design. If the project reaches it's goal, Flourishers will be printed by The Legends Playing Card Company on their highest quality paper stock, using their signature "Diamond Cut" process. LPCC offers top of the line playing cards due to their unparalleled attention to detail, amazing paper quality, and their near perfect printing registration.
  2. backed these as soon as they came out,cant wait for them!
  3. You could probably do a sweet triumph with these.
  4. Ha ha! never thought of that! I bet you could create tons of tricks using these.

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