The GOAT change?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Wallmott, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. Hello everyone!

    I was thinking about getting andthensome because i really would like to learn the goat change by dan and dave and i was wondering, how hard and how practical is it?

    I understand that it is not a easy change, but is it hard in the way that you just need allot of practice go get it down, like a pass, clip shift ect? Or is it like OMFG im never going to get this, how is this possible, like raise rise hard?
  2. if its done the way i think its done than it will need a lot of practice and how hard it is depends on your skills(im just asuming how it is done here so dont take me too reliably) oh and definatly get it it looks worth it
  3. It's more of a knack. With enough practice you could easily get it down consistantly. It's not hard, but like everything else, it requires practice.
  4. How practical is it? When you got it down, is it hard to screw up?
  5. It's just a normal sleight. With practice any move is practical. But in the sense you mean, yes I believe it is somwhat practical.
  6. Well i don't know what the exact method is, but do know the basic principle behind the change. If you practice enough and obtain the knack, you shouldn't screw it up very often. The change is very practical as it is covered from all angles (except if the person looked underneath your hands during the change but that's very unlikely)
  7. It takes a long time to master properly 100%. But if you do get it to that stage, it's yeah sure practical.
  8. I got just my copy, i looked at it and said no way.

    The method is great, but in my opinion very hard.

    but its just like anything else it takes practice.
  9. to all those who have the goat change rate how hard it is 1-10 compared to pughes pass 1-10.

    i just got andthensome, and am practicing it now.
    i would give the goat a 6, and pughes pass a 7.
  10. So is pughes pass easier? I think that sleight is quit easy.
  11. Pughes' is definitely easier.
  12. [Rant]

    What is it with you kids only caring about difficulty now days? This is magic, this is an art form, this IS DIFFICULT. If you are not willing to put in the time and effort on sleights and moves then simply don't be a magician. I grow tired of thread after thread asking "how hard is ___?". That is irrelevant. If you sincerely want to, anything can be learned. Be dedicated, be focused, and for goodness sakes grow up and accept difficulty.


  13. he pretty much robbed the words from my mouth, how dare you!

  14. HAHA, posts like this makes me laugh, why even take your time to post something like this? If your tired of it then just don't read it.

    What if some people dont feel like learning sleights that are extreamly hard to do and dont have time to learn them? or maybe someone wants to know how hard something is to see if it is for them and their skill level?

    Most people who are asking questions like this does it too get an idea of how hard it is so they can decide if it is for them and their skill level and not because they are lazy.
  15. I take my time to do it because I care. If someone tells you that you are making a mistake, its a good thing, because when no one takes the time to point out your errors it means they've given up on you. This is an issue I have seen for several years now, this is FAR from the first time its happened. I post this not to hate on you or anyone else, but to sincerely at least attempt to help. Its a brotherhood, and brothers can't always be easy on each other.

    But if you don't want to learn or try to learn difficult sleights then why are you even doing this? Like I said, its art, and it was never meant to be easy. If it was, everyone could do it ;)

  16. And that's why there are so much youtube posers out there...:rolleyes:a lot of guys these days are just worrying about buying the next "new hot thing" wich in this case "andthensome" could be the perfect example, I can bet my signed britney spears hair that less than a half of the guys that bought "anthensome" and have "the trilogy" haven't even bottered to give the tricks in the trilogy the practice they deserve, but here they are again buying the "next hot thing"

    I agree with c=b and to add a little something else, I dont think that the right question should be "How difficult is it??" I think that the right question in all this should be "Am I going to dedicate the needed practice for this sleight?"

    we should care a little more about practice and a little less about difficulty.

  17. I will say that hearing "how difficult is __?" does get annoying. So I agree with you C=B. I will say though going into this thread I am looking to discern weather this sleight's difficulty will pay off in the end. If that makes sense. I'm just curious if the effect can "payoff" in the end- based on practicality, angles and how clean it is.

    But then again I failed in finding out that any of that information anyways.

    oh well
  18. Playing music is an artform too, but I sure as hell like to know how hard a song is before I learn it.
    Sure, anything's possible, but does that mean we can't ask how hard it's going to be?
    I don't like to disagree, I just couldn't find much sense in your post, sorry :(
  19. Bro, I've been a musician for three years and the BEST way I've found to learn is to take a song that is too difficult and fail at it again and again until I could play it. It's the same with magic, the difficulty is ultimately irrelevant. If you desire to do the change, then why does its difficulty matter? The end payoff should justify your work at learning the change. Not to mention the fact that this particular change's difficulty has been documented several times in reviews before it was even mass released.

    And man, I don't mind you or anyone disagreeing with me... it's how we learn, grow and evolve ;) But say you disagree, don't apologize for "not finding sense in my post".

  20. i have it

    i got it down in about three days to where i am consistent at it but i did practice alot in those three days. it is much simpler than anyone would expect def. not as hard as the clipshift. more like click change except you snap you will know what i mean if you get the dvd good luck

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