The Harbor Change REVEALED!

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  2. Mmm, waste of time much?

  3. Ha - very funny video! Sadly, videos like this may actually be the best shot we have at keeping exposure videos off of sites like YouTube - or at least ensuring that they are wholeheartedly incorrect. Now I'm off to go make my tutorial video of Pressure using only duct tape, three feet of spandex, and a Hot Pocket.
  4. Were you expecting a real tutorial? ;)
  5. For some reason... I feel like this could potentially be used as a color change or switch.... Or is that just me...?
  6. No. Just think its a waste of time.

  7. You had me going for a second. I was going to write a rant until I actually watched the video.
  8. Haha awesome! I agree; I actually do think that flooding the net with fake tutorial vids that are halfway believable is the best way to combat exposure. If I have time for a larger project, I'm going to reveal how DC does Portal using a video camera, two paperclips, and season 2 of Matlock on VHS.

    Saturday Night Contest idea? Who can come up with the best fake magic tutorial.
  10. Hahaha, I love it. I say go with it.

  11. Ahahaha agreed. That would be pretty fun.
  12. Just say the word, people; I've got more where that came from!
  13. I'm giving mike a call now, t11 police are on the way to your crib.

    make sure your friend has pants on before they arrive. ;]
  14. Haha, I took the video down for the time being. This should show up in the artist diary section shortly...
  15. Haha, that's really a great idea. Seriously, this would be a creative idea for a Saturday Night Contest.
  16. Actually, Rob is a good friend of mine and he had mentioned a while ago that people all over YouTube were trying to get exposure videos out of various T11 tricks. (Well, any tricks for that matter). He said that he thought it would be funny to post a tutorial of various effects that actually explain nothing, just for the fun of it.

    I thought it was a funny idea and hope he makes more. A waste of time? I would say not...

  17. Its done with LOOPS!!!!!!
  18. Thanks, Mike! See that? Mike Hankins AND my mom thought it was funny! And Mikes mom, for the record. The link is back up; please share :D
  19. Rob, that was awesome, and I loved every bit of it.

    I am going to reveal with a swiss army knife, a stick of chewing gum, Charlie Chaplin VHS box set, and a 1lb block of sodium (with water of course) how to perform thread.

    All the best,

    Also love the SNC idea!

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