The History of the Cardini Change

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  1. hey there i have been looking for some history the cardini change like the book where i can learn it (the diferent versions) i know it was a control and then cardini made it a change and some history behind the change and the move!
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  2. The first publication of Cardini's Snap Change is in Jean Hugard's Card Manipulations, Volume 3 in 1934. That method used the left ring finger. It is also found in Stephen Minch's Spectical in 1980 but it is done on a card case. A variation was published in The Magic of Michael Ammar in 1991 which used the thumb and pinkie finger.
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  3. The reference to a control is to George Pughe's Pass which is in the 1994 expanded edition of John Northern Hilliard's Greater Magic (the More Greater Magic section). Pughe's Pass is explained in a January 21, 1933 letter to Hilliard and is said to be a one card version of the Houdini-Elliot Shift. I think this is the source of Ray Krosby's Coffin Change (which is in Minch's Spectacle and Penumbra Volume 8) and Daniel Garcia's Ego Change (which is on the Daniel Garcia Project DVD #1).

    I'm not sure there is a lot of basis for Pughe's Pass being the source of Cardini's Change because the technique is different.
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