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  1. Yes thats right, this comes from the great mind of David Misner, member here.
    Here is the break down:

    Cover- 5/5
    The cover is simply beautiful, simple yet elegant.

    this introduction is hard to give a value to, because of the different idea of introductions people have. Here is his:

    1. to turn in an opposite position; transpose.
    2. to turn inside out our upside down.
    3. in the case of david misner, the plot of the following 4 effects.

    Table of Contents:simple, and again, elegant.

    Now the Tricks:

    The deck is inspected and shuffled, and a random card is chosen and memorized. The card is
    cleanly out-jogged, and then pushed flush. With no funny moves, the deck is spread to reveal that
    the chosen card is now reversed among its fellow cards, a minority.

    this trick is a stunner, when performed under he right cover.
    David goes indepth in every trick explaining the sleights, and how to use them for the trick.


    The Flip Side
    A card is chosen, memorized, and lost in the deck. The deck is turned face-up and spread,
    showing all face-up cards. The spread is squared, and then quickly spread yet again. One card is
    found to be reversed in the pack, the chosen card.

    TFS is very simple, and I happen to use it alot. Its easy and the spectators just eat it up.


    Dont Blink
    A card is chosen and out-jogged in the middle of the deck, face-down. The entire deck is turned
    face-up, but somehow the out-jogged card is still face-down. With no explanation whatsoever, the
    chosen card has turned face-up in impossible conditions.

    It has great potential, and clean, but I just feel this could have had a better effect.Seeing I cant do an ego change, this one was a little trick...


    Wrong Turn
    A random card is chosen and lost in the deck. With a look of victory on his face, the magician
    slowly turns over the top card, revealing it be... wrong. The audience laughs, and the magician
    gets a look of puzzlement on his face. "Obviously," he says, "there must have been something
    keeping the card from jumping to the top." The deck is spread to reveal that there is indeed a
    problem: the card is reversed in the middle of the deck.

    This One was from CCL, cody cowan lust, aka RebelAce the moderator.Cody contributed the move "rebel reversal" . The idea is genious, and cody needs mad props. The trick flowed well, and deserves a 5/5

    Flip Reverse It(FPI)
    A card is selected and placed out-jogged in the middle of the deck. With a quick shake, the card
    visibly reverses itself, still out-jogged.

    No doubt this is the best trick in his ebook.
    If you search "inversion theory" on youtube, a video should appear by MJMMagic and you should deffinently watch. With that video and his instructions, this becomes very powerful, and a great impromptu trick.

    Thats my review hope you liked it.
  2. Thanks for your review!

    From your description it sounds like these are all the same effect just with different presentations - is that a correct conclusion?
  3. It's actually a collection of effects resulting in the selected card to reverse.

    Each effect has different sleights and patter to acompany it. There is also different ways the card reverses, IE, out-jogged as well as in the middle of the deck.

    And I feel bad since I haven't posted my review yet so, I will get right on that David, sorry I forgot =p.

  4. Thanks for the review illusionone, and I'm glad you liked the manuscript. Just as a reminder, the video from MJM is of Minority, not FRI.

    Haha, Cody didn't I ask you to post one like 2 months ago?

    No hard feelings...

  5. Yeah it was like 2 months ago, but I had volleyball and hockey 5 days a week, along with school and friends.

    And I've been going through a bit of a rough patch recently so, I've had to deal with some issues. I'll get it up tonight :p

  6. Don't worry, take your time. I think we have plenty of reviews right now.

  7. I see you read it!.... was this a good review?

    Should i review "cards" from the files of david misner?
  8. Yeah, the review was good.

    As for Cards, keep that underground (for a couple reasons). It sucked pretty bad, and I'd like not to remember that. Don't worry, I'll have most of that material out sometime soon.


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