The Ishkabibble Sandwich by Eric Jones

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  1. Creeper in the house. I never thought I would buy a 1on1 that didn't have anything to do with my lord and savior Andrei Jikh, but I saw this one by Mr. Jones and I bought it for 2 reasons. It looks friggin amazing, and I was actually a fan of Eric Jones, even though I didn't know it. I remember his Raise Rise and Spellbound videos, but I didn't know that was him. I LEARNED SUMTHIN. Onto the effect.

    What they say- A silky smooth sandwich routine, and the most visual we've ever seen. See the preview and learn it now here.

    One selected card literally and visually pops in between two face up Kings held over the deck. An 18 minute instructional video and inaugural release from Eric Jones - theory11 presents the Ishkabibble Sandwich.

    Inside Eric outlines every sleight, detail, and nuance that make this effect so scandalously visual and silky smooth.

    What I say- This is a great download. As you can see, its a very visual trick, and has a lot of finnesse and rhythm to it. I don;t know if I like the second phase to it, I have to work with it, but the basic idea and methodology taught in this download is definently going into my repotoire.

    The download spans for about 18 minutes, teaching EVERYTHING you need to know(Including a very detailed description on Lennart Green's Top Shot move. the only other resource I have on this move is The Trilogy by Dan and Dave Buck, and they only explain it briefly. Eric gives tips and ideas on practicing the Top Shot to make it perfect)

    Eric is a fantastic teacher, you will have no problems whatsoever learning this effect. Its mechanics are somewhat easy, but getting all the timing and rhythm right will take a substantial ammount of practice. The only part of the trick that will really take practice is the "pop" move in which the card appears. But I'd be willing to break my knuckles to achieve that kind of visualness(Thankfully, I won't have to)

    In addition to teaching the effect, Eric goes over some subtleties, timing, and a variation(kind of) on the last phase.

    The quality is top notch, obviously. One thing though, I want to start hearing new music and seeing different kinds of editing with the 1on1s. the music is starting to get repititive, and the editing(Title Screens) are starting to look a lot alike. No biggie, just personal preference.

    The price is right where it should be. Not too much, not too less. you get what you pay for, and a lil extra.

    -Somewhat easy to do
    -Very visual
    -Flows nicely
    -Great teaching
    -Great quality
    -Good price
    -Yet to think of one

    I would definently check this one out, it looks and is just plain great. Damn, I guess this deserves a 10 out of 10. Hope to see more from Eric.

    Shout out to Raiker for helping me with some teachnical problems.
  2. Nice review. This shocked me the first time I saw it. Very visual.
  3. thanks for the review i'm getting it tonight.
  4. My only question is Eric seems to be left handed with the cards. Does this hinder the teaching at all?
  5. This looks great. :) I plan on getting this someday and making it one of the phases to my Ambitious Card Routine. :D

  6. That almost sounds like an insult to lefties. ;)


    No, it does not hinder his teaching.
  7. It certainly wasn't an insult haha and i couldn't even think of a way that it could hinder it but i just had to ask.
  8. I have to learn everything reversed. Its not that bad.


  9. Haha :)

    No actually he is mirrored in the 1on1 so there shouldn´t be anything hard. Just listen to what he says, he should talk about what finger goes where etc a lot.


  10. Is there anyone else who thinks the first part is stronger than the second?

    I just feel the second sandwhich just doesn't look as surprising, or magical.

    It's nonetheless a beautifull illusion.


  11. I totally agree, i think that the first phase is MUCH stronger then the second part.

    The first one is great and looks really magican and it comes as a surprise. The second part does not come as a surprise and it does not look that magical, it looks more like skill, "Hey watch me, i can do it again"

    I think the routine would be so much stronger if you placed the pack in the spectators hands and did the first part and stopped there.

    Or if i had to do both parts i would to the second one in their hand.
  12. Yes, definitely. The first sandwich is just done beautifully. so is the second, but the first is timed so perfectly.
  13. The first is definitely the strongest phase.
  14. I disagree with you all about the first phase being the strongest...

    Sure, it may be more surprising, but it wouldn't make sense if they were reversed. I can't speak for Eric, but it seems the routine is structured in a way that the second phase acts as an explanation, and thus is done more slowly and as an 'explanation' of sorts.

    To reverse the phases would be more along the lines of challenging the spectator. You show them the trick more slowly (the second phase done first), then do you it quickly so they can't see it (the first phase done secondly). Personally, I think that makes it seem like showing off, and them not being about to 'catch' you.

    Just my thoughts... :)
  15. nice review and i have to agree with having new music and editing and for the last like 10 1 on 1s they have had the same background. It is not a problem or anything but i would like to see a new background
  16. I really didn´t like this trick, everything looks so fishy to me, it just doesn´t seem natural... to me, the control is obvious, and also when the card goes in the middle.. well I can´t tell you more because it would be exposure.

    not a winner to me.

    that´s my opinion
  17. I would buy this but it seems T11 doesn't want to take my money and is making it impossible for me!

    If I performed it though, I would use the first phase as a final phase to a different sandwich routine, if that makes sense.
  18. Are you a layperson?

    I should hope not.

    A method that may be apparent to your eyes will be invisible to a spectator's. Why disregard a routine because you picked something up about it?

    -Sam H
  19. I like the fact that he actually teaches The Top Shot. That's seems to be a small strong point for me, lol. Nice review creeper, you may have just convinced me. I think i'll head on over and pick it up.
  20. The moves in it are cool and the production of the card is beatifull, but i think the routine is not that strong, if you used the moves in it you could take it from a neat little card trick to a amazing card trick.

    When i did it this weekend i used the Marlo tilt as a control, produced the kings, gave the deck to them and have them shuffle the deck, and then "find" the card while they are holding the deck, so the magic happends in their hand.

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