The Jones Change on The Trilogy?

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  1. well, at first i was psyched when i found out d&d put an explanation of the jones change on the trilogy, but after watching it, i was like wtf? i mean i'm pretty sure that this was discussed ALOT in the d&d forum, but since i never was active there, could someone please clear this up for me:
    it seems to me like the jones change explanation on the trilogy is just wrong. i've watched it over and over and over, and before i started writing this topic i watched it again like 10 times, but when they actually explain the change, the card just doesn't change. did they really make that mistake? i mean i got the idea, but not the exact handling, what do you say?
  2. Yes they did make the mistake and it is taught incorrectly, we are hoping they will put a correct video in the vault

    Would be cool if we could get an official reply Dan/Dave? :D
  3. Dananddave did make a mistake. Human error thats all.
    The ace of clubs changes...
    to the ace of clubs and thats it, thats the jones change!

    But heres a use for what they do teach (the mistake)
    Double lift, so cards are face up on the deck. Then execute the wrong jones change, and hand the spectator the changed card have them turn it over!

    And thats it thats the DJones Change! (all credit to Dananddave!)
  4. Just watch the jonas change in the trilogy over and over , you'll know how to do it =)
  5. It was taught incorrectly, but it's possible to figure it out.

    on a side note, I'm confused as to how that could have been missed, like, wasn't the mistake caught during editing, nothing personal, just a question, other than that I think it's a great DVD...
  6. I thought something was up, I triied it for soo long too... and could never figure it out
  7. Hey guys, the change is that hard to figure out, just reverse the action and that's it, as for making a mistake with the teaching, it's harder to teach something slow than it is fast which can cause you sometimes to make mistakes, this is so real biggie.

  8. It was quite a hard hit when I discovered that I always change my five of hearts to a five of hearts, but then I just sat down and started thnking and trying and then it was quite easy to get it.
  9. It's Jones change ffs! :mad:

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