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  1. So, I have been away from the forums for a while now because A.) I was sick of the crap that goes on on these forums, B.) I am working hard in school, and C.) I have been booking even more gigs. Let me first explain what this thread is about...

    This is NOT a thread where I am going to continuously ask about what happened while I wasn't on the forums. Cause I already know that. Some people were fighting, there was ridiculous threads, and only some of those threads were locked. Instead, this is a thread where I want to hear about what all of you have been up to. Try to focus on the magic aspect of it. What have you been doing, magically? Did you get started working as a magician, get any gigs, perform at school, or maybe you're just new. Now that you know the principle behind the thread, I will start by explaining what goes on with me...

    (Feel free to comment on what I've been up to. Or what anyone has been up to. opinions and critiscism are welcome.)

    So, recently I finished up working for my town. Every Thursday night during the summer I worked on my towns Main Street. I was hired, and paid by, the town. Each week I recieved a check from them. We settled that I would work for two hours those nights and I would get 75$ an hour. And aside from the lady that hired me nagging, it was a fantastic expirience.

    As a matter of fact, she has rehired me for some sort of Flea Market with performers, that is taking place this Sunday. I am sure it will be a lot of fun, and hey... Can't argue when you are getting paid for something you love, right?

    In addition, one of my friends father is an ex-marine, and he loves magic tricks. He told my mother that he would love it if I could go perform for like 2 hours when they have their reunion in October. In return I get free food and 100$. So I agreed and am waiting on specifics.

    Also, something more recent that I performed for was about two weeks back. I was a performer at the grand opening of a store called "The Dollar Tree". The store is fantastic! It is a gigantic dollar store filled with huge bags of candy, decks of cards, etc. All under one dollar. It was a great store. I offered to perform for 4 hours for 175$. And it went great. I had a table set up with my cards and what not and performed for kids as well as adults, and everyone got into it.

    And one last cool thing that's happening to me... next Wednesday a student in a media class at my school will be bringing a camera into the lunch room. She has chosen to do a short documentary about me as her semester project. In the cafeteria she will be filming some performances of myself. And then, after school, I will be doing the actual interview questions in a very scenic courtyard at our school. Then they will be edited together...(Like 2 performances, then a short interview clip, then another trick, then 2 interview questions. It will look nice.) Oh!!! And at the begining when my name and intro are showing up it will be playing "Parellel Universe" by: The Red Hot Chili Peppers as an added bonus that I asked for. It wil be on Youtube when it's done and I will post a link to it. (And try to get it in the media section.)

    So what's up with all you?

    Dylan P.
  2. I haven't practise magic related all summer due to certain things in my life and therefore I failed to meet my summer goals. However, starting this month, I will be practising and learning new materials so that I can perform in school probably around November.
  3. Good for you man, asnd it's unfortunate that you didn't meet your goals. But there is always next summer.
  4. I've been offered a gig at a restaurant/bar, so I'm trying to piece together a routine that will fit the setting. This will be my first gig in a long time, so I'm exited.
  5. first, i love the dollar tree.
    Ive been getting names of restaurant, i havnt had time to check em out tho
    I have a huge gig october 9th for my university. so im pumped.
    i am also doing a Halloween fundraiser show. which is good as i can add that to my credentials.
    but that is it so far. but i feel very positive about it all

  6. When creating a routine remeber:

    Coins are everyday objects that people have on them. Perform with them.

    You can't go wrong with some card tricks like ACR, Biddle Trick, and Here then There.

    Spongeballs are the best for kids... and adults
  7. May I ask exactly what your gig in October is.
  8. UGH

    I really havent had much time for magic. I've been absolutely swamped in homework cuz i'm taking AP classes. I'm also going through some depression problems which isnt help much.

    But over the summer, i went to Tannens Magic Camp which was great. I'm going to be attending the Metro Magic convention next saturday so I should be able to learn some more new stuff.

    I've also been performing some more volunteer gigs and rackin up some volunteer hours (good for college). Oh, and i started a magic club at my school, and it's been going great.

    Thats what i've been up to in a nut shell.
  9. its a homecoming carnival. so theres gonna be tons of people there
  10. Magicwise, I've been studying up on performance and presentation. I haven't performed all too much lately, but I performed a lot over the summer whcih was great. Now, I'm starting a magic club at my school. My goal is to have us produce, direct and perform a full 75 minute magic show for the school.
  11. Sounds interesting and fun.I hope it all works out the way you like it.
  12. I could never take AP classes, so good for you. I wouldn't last a day. And hey! If you are doing all of those volunteer performances, I would say that it counts as being active in magic.

    Also, as far as depression goes, I would just like to say that whenever you feel depressed, talking to someone close to you is a great exercise. Talk to your friend, your dad, your mom, your guardian, anyone who will listen. Tell them what's up, and then change your mindset and think about all of the fun things you do, such as brightening up someone's day by performing magic.

    A friend of mine suffered through deep depression, to the point of cutting himself, and whenever he was starting to have a relapse and feel that way, he will give me a call and vent. And he always bounces right back up. try it out. If all else fails, a counselor can be a good choice, even if you don't like them, or want one at first.

    Just some peer to peer (Or magician to magician) advice,
    Dylan P.

    PS: You can always talk to me over a PM if nothing else.

  13. That's hella long. I hope you're going to have a lot of variety.
  14. Dylan, nice to see you again. The forums missed you, i hope that some others will return as well and we would have a community again.

    Anyways, im putting together my shows effects. Got 2 shows(9th and 10th october) in a little theater/cabaret setting. 35 people close-up spiritualism. Going to be a blast. My first spirit show, im up for 20 min and im going to be posessed, things will move. I now only have 1 effect more to get into my show and im ready to start practicing and scripting.
    Im also working on a little effect, that i call OuterBody. A card effect where two cards transpose. More of a mental magic piece. Not going to use it probably, im going to test it and give it away to some of my close friends. Other than that nothing too memorable has happened.


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