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The Lethargic Magician - A Short Film

Sep 1, 2007
This is a short film me and a few friends made Sunday afternoon. It's about a couple who encounters a street bum doing magic tricks...badly.

The whole idea came from a real event...sort of. I was showing my friend some tricks, and I had done a bunch of pick-a-card tricks already, so I just held the cards out, and he was like "Should I pick a card?" and then called me the Lethargic Magician. And we just ran with it.

If you like it, feel free to take 10 seconds and sign up for a Vimeo account and click the "Like" button in the Vimeo player to hopefully get it featured!

Anyway, here it is. I hope you like it!
Aug 31, 2007
Hartford, CT
Great job!

....but how did he do that card trick???


Keep it going, that was very good!

Is that going to be your persona when you perform on stage? I think that if you keep refining it, you've got a good character developing there.
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