The.Machine Review!

Jul 18, 2009
Overall I was suprised with the quality and obvious effort that went into this.

Here's my review!

Esentially this is a sandwich effect in which a spectator manages to throw a card between two others.

This is a good, but not great effect, definately usable but not amazing.
A snap change set up and clean up.

Fun, flourishy, useful. One of my favorite things in the PDF
You screw the cap off of a water bottle and it cleanly vanishes

I fooled a lot of people with this effect. An ingenious effect. A few people might catch on to the method, but when done as "spur of the moment magic" this plays HUGE!
A variation of a well known force.

Frankly, this is bad. It is very akward and unnatural looking. The worst item on the PDF.
A collectors effect.

We've all seen the video. I like the effect, but the method is... messy. Cool idea but not the best execution of it.
A utility switch of one card for another in the action of handing it to a spectator.

This is cool. It is a little angly, but if you are performing for one or two people this is a nice move to have. It does take a little work to get it to look smooth and natural, but when it does it is very useful.
Overall, these were easy to understand, well written notes. The photos were of a low quality but almost all of the things described show promise. Not bad for a homecooked PDF.


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Jun 17, 2009
NE Ohio.
Wow, thanks very much for the review! I'm glad to see it. These are just seeds of ideas that I'm working on developing.

nIvan: You can get it through me, shoot a PM and we'll work it out.

Thanks again!! This is greatly, greatly appreciated.

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